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  1. Just wondering if there is any of you know of someone or company who make these in NSW/Sydney/Hunter Valley area please. I am wishing to have my BT50 fitted out but am unable to make a drive to Victoria to get the back measured, then come home, then go back etc etc. Any help appreciated
  2. :-) I am ok thanks BB, not doing a lot. How about you? I ended up purchasing a replacement canopy (white) for my deluxe, not entirely sure the 'deluxe' canopy is as thick as the old blue one it came with though. This is just for the interim as I still think I should get a compact. The deluxe fits diagonally across my tray so packing it for a show means I have to use the back seat, I want to utilise the space in the tray for my trolley etc hence the compact idea. Guess I should practice putting the bugger up on my own, always fortunate previously to have a couple of friends around to help :-)
  3. Is yours a 3m deluxe ? This is the issue I am having also. I have the oztrail 3m deluxe just need a new canopy for it. You can pick up a canopy on eBay for 90-110 in a range of colours. I could just buy a canopy for mine, I just am no good at erecting it and its too long for my car Mine goes on top of my car and yes it's a 3x3. Problem is to get a new one off ebay, I can get one for $180 + $40 postage. So which one is better value for money. New roof and bag or everything new? It is a dilemma, I have been told that new ones are not made the same way anymore and are not as strong. Not sure if anyone else on here can very this or not? Even though I have been told this I am still struggling with whole new gazebo (compact deluxe) or new canopy. I am also having issues with the fact that this is such a dilemma for me lol
  4. Is yours a 3m deluxe ? This is the issue I am having also. I have the oztrail 3m deluxe just need a new canopy for it. You can pick up a canopy on eBay for 90-110 in a range of colours. I could just buy a canopy for mine, I just am no good at erecting it and its too long for my car
  5. Yes I have occasionally seen the canopys at Bunnings, our local one generally has the Coleman ones
  6. Yes I was leaning that way just a few friends have told me blue was best, I should trust my own thoughts :-)
  7. Thanks for all of the opinions, still I have not a decision :-) Still on gazebos. I need to replace the canopy on my other oztrail - thought I could use the regular one when away with friends as Ihave all the gear for it and use the compact when on my own - anyway, different colours......shouldI get the usual blue replacement or maybe the white canopy? TIA
  8. I have a oztrail deluxe 3 x 3 but find it cumbersome to erect on my own and it wont fit in my car. I also have friends who bought a new oztrail compact deluxe and they found it was not as well made as the older compact deluxe ones? I did think about one of those altegra (sp?)
  9. HI Everyone I am in the market for a new gazebo and am looking at compact ones as they will be the only size that will fit into the back of the Mazda. I want something that isn't going to fall apart after 6 months, is sturdy but can also be lifted and set up by myself. Oh and that I will be able to accessories for ie walls that actually fit etc :-) Any advice / experiences with different makes greatly appreciated Cheers Chris
  10. Ok thanks everyone :-) Im just a suspicious person and this only being my second litter :-)
  11. Hi Everyone If this post is not in the correct area please let me know and I will move it. With all this talk again about BYBs etc etc I was wondering if any of you have first hand knowledge and names of people who may have contacted you wanting a puppy or have been duped? Send me a message if you do have any info if you prefer. I have had some emails and I don't understand why someone would want a pet puppy and be willing to pay for flying when there are breeders in their state? Not saying they are BYBs it just seems odd to me Thanks :-)
  12. Hi Was hoping someone could please tell me about ticketing for the royal this year. I am not entered but am going with a friend. My friend is showing and has her tickets my plan was to purchase at the gate, however, I have heard they will not sell tickets before 9.00-9.30 so I will be stuck outside for 2 hours or bit less. I don't want to buy online as I won't be using the train etc and don't want to pay all of those ridiculous fees associated with doing this. I have sent several emails to the show secretary but as yet no response. Any ideas? TIA
  13. Hi A friend is selling a canon 550d and another friend is interested but wants to know how many actuations ........how do we find this out please? What is it that my friend has to push, click to see this information? I'd also be interested for my own canon 40d :-) Thanks in advance :-)
  14. Would anyDolers know of a repro vet in or around Rockhampton at all please?
  15. I bought a 1kg bag from a local produce store, just wanted to try it in the chicken coop and it cost me $20!!! I'd love to be able to find somewhere near that sells in bulk. No luck yet though.
  16. If it's the one that is around 370 it can be converted to a rectangular shape :-)
  17. The garage doesn't actually have a ceiling but it is very high, it was added apparently after the house was built. It has the silver stuff attached to it. Think it is the iron stuff too. It's quite warm here already today but is cool in there with a good breeze blowing through but of course not middle of summer yet. I leave the back garage door open for them all day and night and they have access to the wrap around verandah and there is a pergola that is there aswell. Normally they sleep on their beds in the garage. I've had to put the gates across the verandah though because they like to play chasing at all hours of the night lol.
  18. Good point. Lucky for us it is quite cool. We are looking at placing them next to the wall where our bedroom is. Garage is attached to the house, brick and not quite a triple and has a concrete slab. We can open the garage doors and there is good airflow. I'm not sure how hot it gets in there in summer as this will be our first but they would only be in the runs at night, if it is hot they can come inside, guess we will soon see. We do have one of those old fashioned temperature gauge things in there so I will keep an eye on it.
  19. Thank you, yes even looking at some online the wire and welding looks flimsy. I've only ever heard good things about GS but have not laid eyes on any of the others. Wish there were stores that stocked them so you could go and have a look. What gauge wire would you suggest? As mentioned before these will be inside our garage which is brick.
  20. Thanks OSoSwift. Just had a look at them. The run from them would be slightly bigger for the same price, will redo measurements again tomorrow. Bigger would be great if I can get it to fit.
  21. Hi Has anyone ever bought dog runs from these people www.petpanels.com.au? I am looking to install a block of 3 runs in one half of my garage, purely for wet weather/night use etc. I'm trying to decide between Petpanels and Goldstein. Now I know Goldstein are considered the best but there is a $500 difference between the 2. If there is an absolute quality difference between them it will make my choice easy but if not then price will play a part in it. Are there any other companies out there that offer quality runs? I have border collies and a German shepherd. Thanks
  22. Hi Everyone Do they still have puppy/dog show training at Hillsborough? My iPad isn't playing. Ice and won't let me do a search so apologies if there is already a thread. Thanks
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