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Zubin " The Stoned"

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Zubin reinjured his neck and this morning I had to rush him to the vet. He is on 3 meds and 'seriously stupid' as we would say. He is on rim, mthocarbanol and traminadol and half stupid. The vet said to keep him off stairs as he can not navagate and boy do I see why. Its like he is 1960's 'stoned.

Can you see a dog at 35 inches at the shoulder at 100 pounds that even steps on his feathering on his front legs?

I am glad he is okay- but boy does he look totally out of it. At least he is resting comfortably. ( pardon the comforter on the persian rug- but its his comforter from his double pillow top mattress and he likes it. I put him in the parlor for the night so he wont try steps and sleeping with him tonight as he is use to having someone with him.



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This boy is so out of it. He got on the love seat and hubby gave him a pillow to prop up his neck- right now all we are doing is making sure he is comfortable- this is a bad picture - but his eyes are HUGE! I took him outside to go potty and he tripped back legs over front legs on his front leg feathering. He obviously is not navigating well at all. He went to trip- here he is 4 foot tall at the head, at 100 pounds only 15 pounds lighter than I am and I am am trying to help him...

I told him we both give up today- lets go to bed... Its 10pm here so now I am watching him sleep and first time I ever heard this- he is actually snoring! Poor guy- he is sooooooooo tired and relaxing well. He kept me awake most of last night yelping on and off in pain-. One of these days I am going to get some real sleep.


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