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Statues Have Council Officers Barking Up Wrong House

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Statues have council officers barking up wrong house.

A WOMAN, who received a $200 fine from the Cairns Regional Council, claims inspectors mistook two fibreglass dogs in her yard for the real thing.

Better than the real thing: Mishka Gamble was fined $200 after council officers spotted two fibreglass dogs in her yard.

Mishka Gamble told The Cairns Post she was shocked when she received a notice saying she had seven days to pay $200 for the registration of two dogs.

“I certainly don’t have two dogs,” Ms Gamble said.

Although she had one dog she had recently brought up from Adelaide, Ms Gamble said she believed inspectors had mistaken her fibreglass staffy and blue heeler for the real things.

They are both visible through the window from the front of her property.

“I have a little shitzu. It is 15 and can’t move and was out the back,” she said. “They probably didn’t even see him. “I’ve got a fibreglass pig and sheep. Do I need to register them too?” Earlier this month, the council came under fire for its dog audit after issuing 61 advisory notices to homes without dogs.

One resident was given a notice for having a cat bowl in the yard, while another owner with a budgie was also issued a fine. Of the 61 notices issued for homes without dogs, 45 had dog warning signs on the gate. Ms Gamble said she had since registered her “real” dog



Dumb & Dumber :confused:

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They stuffed up but the silly woman still had an unregistered dog on the property. How hard up are they for news stories!!

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