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If you pick the right size you can find most of the pieces you need, already correctly sized at Bunnings. A drill, some screws and you are done :) If you want something a different size or you can't quite get the right sizes they will also cut things for you for about $1.00 per cut.

I have an old and very heavy whelping box that is borrowed from a friend and she got it second hand. I intend on making my own for my next litter so that it can be the size I want and a bit lighter and easier to clean than the 1 I am currently using.

1 great idea I have seen for pig rails in a home made whelping box was poly pipe pieces with 4 corners and a few T pieces that kept it off the ground of the whelping box and out from the edge, nice and light and easy to remove when the puppies get bigger.

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