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  1. A list of Reproductive / Fertility Specialists, as recommended by other DOLers - if you have any more please let me know. Victoria Monash Vet - Oakleigh East Craigieburn Animal Hospital - Craigieburn Sandown Vet Clinic - Springvale Wyndham Vet - Werribee Bellarine Vet Clinic - Geelong Alpine Animal Hosptial - Porepunkah New South Wales Bowral Veterinary Hospital - Bowral Charles Sturt Uni - Wagga Wagga Northern Rivers Veterinary Service - Casino Queensland QLD Veterinary Specialists - Stafford Heights Canine Artificial Breeding Servies (CABS) - Boronia Heights South Australia Noah's Crossing - Lewiston Adelaide Plains Veterinary Clinic - Gawler Tasmania North West Animal Hospital - Devonport Western Australia Applecross Veterinary Hospital - Perth ACT NT
  2. Congratualtions to Ane Marte Bjornerem from the Gold Coast, Queensland, who is now the new owner of Whelping Supplies. www.whelpingsupplies.com.au.
  3. Chum Collars is giving www.K9online.com.au magazine readers a chance to win a Chum Collar Super Kit valued at $75. To enter, like the Chum Collars on Facebook and email a quick paragraph on how you pamper your pet to [email protected] Deadline for entries 31 March, 2016.
  4. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Many visit Stuart Mason at Monash Vets in Oakleigh East
  5. Whelping Supplies has been Australia's favourite one-stop shop for all breeding, whelping and rearing needs, since 2009. For Breeders by Breeders! Ane is super excited and have big visions of where this is going. All her previous experiences in animal physiotherapy, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, animal shelter orphan fostering, showing quality dogs, being engaged in the dog world and eventually establishing herself as a responsible breeder has led her to this place. Ane is Really pumped! www.whelpingsupplies.com.au (website is being updated daily - there are not enough hours in one day, or week, to keep up)
  6. Looking For A Mentor

    Show Manager has a mentor matching programme - https://showmanager.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200708224-Mentor-Program
  7. Does Anyone Know D O Ler Sway?

    Sorry I hardly ever come to DOL these days. Shall check PM's.
  8. How To Contact

    send me a pm with your order ID and I shall look into it for you - I have the website down for some maintenance. :)
  9. Royal Melbourne Show Critiques?

    They will be published in the Dec dogs vic gazette. Unfair to have to pay for a newspaper to view them IMO.
  10. I have had a Dane put down due to Osteosarcoma. Suspected it for a week, we then x-rayed, PTS sleep same day. Asked vet what he would do, we PTS. It's never easy, but I dare say it's even harder looking back on it wishing you had of PTS earlier.
  11. Frozen Semen

    Rules changed last year
  12. FREE to submit photos of all dog sports for coverage, just email [email protected] or we can set up a dropbox link for you. SEPTEMBER ROYAL EDITION, deadline 25th August. You, and everyone else can read it for FREE at www.k9online.com.au FREE to DOWNLOAD and view later. $100 per page (Including artwork) $50 per page if you supply your own completed artwork. Deadline 25th of each month. Always out on the first on the month, as proven over the last 12months. Adverts stay online in our archives as well as Facebook. With links directing back to the magazine on the front page of Dogz Online, whelping supplies & ShowManager. Join our extensive email list of 15,721+ breeders, exhibitors, judges and business around the world ! Sign up here - http://www.k9online.com.au/email-subscribe.asp
  13. They do get warn in - unzip it a bit to let the air out. They really need to put grommets in the corner to let the air out.
  14. In Danes NSW people can register fawn (with blue mask, which is a mismark) or black mask. VIC Fawn only (can not register the mask colour)
  15. Show Training At Kcc Park

    Ashley is back now https://www.facebook.com/ShowClasses http://showclasses.com.au/ Group lessons this wed night 7pm Private lessons by arrangement
  16. Sydney Royal 2014

  17. Sydney Royal 2014

    Bulldog BOB - Aust Ch Janayin Who Wears Da Pantz
  18. Border Collie National Results

    Thank you :) If you have any ideas for improvements please let us know [email protected]
  19. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    You should also ask your breeder, they should have info for you.
  20. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Can you section off a safe outside area where he can see the other dogs but not be with them? There is also the risk of the other dogs bowling him over etc.
  21. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    I would not be leaving him unattended with any dog whilst you are away. Puppies get in other dogs faces not all understand back off, what happens if another dog tells him off - just a little to much and hurts him?
  22. READ here A sample of the article.. Blaming me for the death of shelter dogs is like blaming a parent for the death of orphans in Uganda because she chose to have a baby through pregnancy, rather than adopt one. I have never surrendered an animal in my life. I have never caused the death of a dog in all my life. So why don’t you focus your ire on the people who did– the people who dumped those dogs at the shelter. They are the ones who left those dogs to die. Not me.
  23. APRIL EDITION OUT NOW !! FREE TO READ www.K9ONLINE.com.au Our cover features John Hardy and Sophie "Dapsen Duchess Of Devon" winning Dogtired's Walking the Dog with Style (as part of @VAMFF Cultural program). It has to be the most interesting Best in Show for Dapsen so far. This duo had flair and style and they were a crowd favourite, more pictures can be seen on the website www.dogtired.com.au In this edition we bring you Judging in India, Parade of Giants, Border Collie National winners, Western Classic winners, Columns from around Australia and New Zealand, Adelaide Royal breed days and much more. Thank you for your ongoing support and we welcome your feedback. Best wishes, K9ONLINE Michelle and Kerry —