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  1. You say you don't want to take her to a dog park due to vaccinations etc, yet you take her to a beach?? Walk her around the street for 10min - that is it. Do some training, mentally tie her out. Babies run and play and have zoomies. My Dane babies are free range, can walk around home as much or as little as they like. You can socialise her by going to Bunnings, in the car, down the street, local shops etc. I HATE dog parks. And please don't take her to places where dogs are NOT allowed, that is a big no no and we all ( as in ALL dog owners ) will get tared with the same brush when you get caught.
  2. Far too much exercise for a growing giant. Heaps of free downloads HERE on exercise, diet etc
  3. What has the size of the club got to do with anything, it costs the clubs nothing...
  4. You email a copy of your schedule to the online entry place you wish to use - they take care or entries and payments (they collect small fee from the exhibitor per entry they receive). You tell them when to close of entries. You login and print off entries and catalogue as normal. http://www.showmanager.com.au is the cheapest from what I have read.
  5. The closing date is up to you - if you want to close it as per your schedule you can do so, if you wish to leave it open longer in the hope to obtain more entries you can.
  6. Yes - treated with AB and a mixture of other drugs. Kept from coming into season for 6+ months. TCI with fresh semen, litter of 5 puppies Back to back mating TCI frozen semen 4 puppies. Desexed before next season. Treated by Stuart at Monash vet, Vic.
  7. Just a reminder *** Currently listing 18, 602 Australian prefixes *** Errors do occur, they can not be fixed unless you let us know they exist Email corrections to [email protected] If it's not listed - Submit it
  8. Or no one submitted it for inclusion. It doesn't mean someone isn't registered if they aren't on there. It's run by Sway, it's not an official ANKC list. Go and read the my first post..... I said appears to be.......and yes I know who set it up and I use it all the time to check out a lot of people. Invaluable site Sway. I am glad people are still finding it useful :) From the FAQ page.... Why is my prefix or one that I know exists not listed? If a prefix is not listed, it is most likely because we have not come across it and entered it from our sources or it has not been submitted to the website for entry.
  9. Yes, but you must submit the results and some results cost to have them listed CHIC
  10. So why are breeders reluctant to advertise where there is a demand for animals? - From our January Edition out now, you can view it for free at www.k9online.com.au
  11. Fracture toe confirmed via x-ray... Pad twice the size underneath
  12. I had this video sent to me by a family member, they thought it was cute What are your thoughts?? View here
  13. My condolences to his family and friends.
  14. I would rather dogs and cats on seats then a company cat roaming around the waiting rooms...
  15. It is very high in fat and many breeds have not yet growing in height etc at before that age. Not to mention the protein which can throw off an already balanced diet, specially in a giant breed.
  16. show stopper, 80kg Dane - 1 scoop is what I gave. I would not give it to a dog under 12/18 months of age. Guaranteed Analysis (per scoop) Crude Protein (min) 11% Crude Fat (min) 50% Crude Fiber (max) 10% Moisture (max) 8%
  17. I never gave the recommended amount, would be heaps for a Dane - They only ever got 1 scoop. 8yrs old, 1 scoop per day.
  18. Cot Mattress or single bed mattress.
  19. 2-3 weeks - they send you an email to say they have received your sample. They then email your results. I did have to chase up one lot of testing, have had quite a few done now.
  20. I used ASAP LABS for my colour testing.
  21. Do you have an example of what you are after?
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