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*photo Removed* Dozens Of Smuggled Dogs Euthanized In Bali

Guest donatella

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Including Husky and Poms. I can see why they need to do this I guess but who smuggles dogs?


There is a lot of dog smuggling in Asia. Apparently there are a lot of dogs smuggled from Thailand to South Korea & Vietnam to be eaten.

The Bali incident was probably to beat rabies quarantine restrictions. Maybe unemployed people smugglers turning to dog smuggling.

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Guest donatella

Why? How is it cruelty or abuse? No different to dogs being euth'd in pounds for being in excess.

It's no different to the 'dogs being thrown from vehicle' post.

You lot just pick your targets

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Guest donatella

Oh god I feel sick. A video of this execution came up on my Facebook and it's not pretty. I hate this country i am feeling traumatized right now

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