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Aaargh, People Who Don't Chip/register Their Dogs


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One of my dogs isn't chipped in my name. He was a rescue dog and it was never changed. I don't know who he is chipped with or how to go about changing it.

but then again the only time he is outside is when he is with me, and he wears a collar with tags, so I think its safe. Not the ideal- but workable.

Also, a bit OT, I had Kokoda's chip scanned. He is microchipped and all details are correct BUT his chip has migrated to a fair way down his front leg!

The vet thought i was mad when I said "he is microchipped, keep looking" but we did find it. If he were to end up collarless and in a pound i doubt they would spend that long or scan that far down his leg.

I have only ever seen people scan around their neck and shoulders. So that is a bit worrying- so i had 'm/chipped' engraved onto his tag as well as my number.

We scan the whole body as it's actually fairly common for chips to migrate and down the front legs is the usual spot. Rarely you'll get chips that are faulty or just really old and aren't able to be picked up anymore.

depending on where you live you could be on a few different registries. The most common (in Vic anyway) are Central Animal Records, National Pet Register and Australasian Animal Registry. NSW has its own registry but most other states use CAR or NPR. Get your vet to see which registry it's on (try the petadress site, just Google it and enter the chip no) and then just contact them to update the details :)

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My dogs once got out and they were chipped and ended up in the pound. Not only did they not check the chip, my girl was a brown Dobie and do when I was saying I was looking for her the pound was saying she wasn't there. Luckily I had left my number and when a new staff member came on, she recognised her and called me.

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