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If You're Having A Baby, Don't Get A Dog


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What a horrible woman! That is all I have to say about her! Horrible, callous, cold hearted, incompetent cow!

I had PND when I had my son! I cried every day and for the first 6 months I probably went through the motions with both child and dogs while stuck in a little hell of my own. Never once did I resent my dogs though!

Then life got better and I felt better but the dogs did get up to some naughty stuff because I will admit they were probably a bit neglected during the first 6 months! Yes I started noticing a few naughty things about them. Bubby barked when the postman came and this always coincided with Puppas's nap. So I always made sure Bubby was ALWAYS next to me wherever I went during nap time (yes I would even make him squeeze into the ensuite when I needed to go potty!), that way if we hear the postman I would whisper at him "Bubbby!!!!!! Don't you dare bark!!!!" Problem solved!

Bitty would cried and stomp in the middle of the night in the loungeroom. We were worried she'd wake the baby so we moved her into our bedroom. Problem solved!

These days my dogs get 3 walks a day (due to me owning a Fitbit!). Some days they refuse the third walk :laugh:

My Bubby is 9 and lives inside most of the day as he does not like the heat or humidity outside. I cuddle him every night after our last walk. I actually said to MrB the other day:

I love Puppas more than anything but I can't understand it when people say you don't really understand what love is until you have kids. Of course humans trump over the dogs but even after having a child I still feel like I have already known great love anyway, even if I had never had a human kid because in all honesty I feel it with Bubby. I always suspected I have and having a human child actually confirmed how special Bubby is to me.(Probably going to get flamed for this!)

I feel like my time with Bubby is ticking. I wanted to get him x rayed to see if there was anything amiss with him. He's in great condition according to his vet but he's old and I worry. I know it won't last forever but I don't think I have ever truly felt that I could lose him one day. How can I, he's my Bubby, how can there be no Bubby in my world.

In case anyone is wondering I love Bitty very much but I think Bubby is old now and it hurts me to see him grow old so I am very focused on him.

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