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  1. Dog Food Poll

    Canidae Grain Free/Ivory Coat chicken necks sardines raw eggs and whatever crap he can scarf up off the floor when i'm not fast enough to stop him PLUS all the vegetables my girls don't like.
  2. Sydney Royal 2016

    Heading off today to see the Westies, the labs and the Springers with my sis. Ok she also entered some cakes so we will be searching out the cakes. Hope to see some of you there - just look for the steel haired spectacled woman with a 13 ur old in tow and a Canadian sister wearing hi-tops!!
  3. Snake Savvy Dog

    My Katie (kelpie) was incredible with snakes. She warned us about snakes twice when we moved up the coast - and there's no way she had any experience since she grew up in suburban Collaroy. Unfortunately, Georgia the Amstaff let her heart rule her head and died from a tangle with a large brown snake. I wasn't at home when it happened but the Fex took a pic of it and it was ovary curdling. I worry about Ernie since every thing he sees is presumed edible. He has eaten more Christmas beetles, cockroaches and skinks than I can count. As for spiders? I treat them the same way I do any uninvited house guest - I make life miserable until they leave. Or they get the flat end of my Doc Marten.
  4. Fetch App

    Ernie is a Labrador '100%'. I am, apparently, a cocker spaniel. :laugh:
  5. Socialising Scared My Dog And He Cannot Be Shown Now

    Yup. Stupid Choccy Fratboy is a walking invitation for every numpty with any dog to let their dog rush up and say HIHIHIHIHIHI! I'm over it. Ernie now wears a nylon 'studded' thick collar (OK there's a hidden love heart on the buckle!) and as soon as any dog starts to rush him I yell 'Bad idea bad idea!' at the owner and put Ernie in a sit/stay. It works like a charm, this combo. I'm known as the lady with the worlds first Labrador attack dog.
  6. Long Time No Speak :-)

    Great pics, thanks!
  7. We Are Losing Dogs And Cats, And It's A Great Loss

    Landlords don't like renting to pet owners. The housing market is priced out of reach for younger people. People are more selfish now and don't want the lifelong responsibility. Gawd. I sound like a curmudgeon.
  8. Mac

    What a lovely tribute. Sending hugs, WM.
  9. When Breeding Who Pays What?

    'Rare blue Staffy!!' Gotta love the peoplez. :laugh:
  10. Merry Christmas!

    Fratboy sez Merry Christmaz:
  11. Tell Me About Cushings

    Yay! Glad to hear it! Go Anna!
  12. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all you guys. This place has been a real source of support this year, I'm so glad I found you.
  13. Those Crazy Labradors

    Ernie sez Merry Christmas to all you lovely DOLers (but he's not sure about the outfit):
  14. Ditto here. I have a health care worker visit me every Monday and it was requested that FratBoy be locked up. He sits and looks nobly suffering until she goes.
  15. Puddenhead, Merle, Jeff

    Aw. Those photos make my ovaries ping.