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I am a newbie to the show ring, having bought a female Siberian Husky from another state in 2014 I have entered the circuit alone (group wise) as my friends show in group 5. I have done quite well with my girl, but due to my only pup dropping all of her coat, I have no other dogs to show for the next few months. I see this though as an opportunity for growth. As my breeder is from another state I need to seek out a local breeder. I have always wanted someone to help and learn from, but I thought I would have found one by now... so here I am!

Now you may ask, why not show and help with dogs in group 5? Well that's a good question, I have and do but I wish to learn all things Siberian Husky. I am looking for a breeder who doesn't see me as competition, but as someone with passion for the breed. I want to help a breeder manage their dogs and is open to molding me to better the breed for the future.

Due to my self governed entry into the showing world, my interaction with fellow competitors is too limited to warrant a "Howdy, may I hitch on with you?" type of delivery. If that suits anyone, let me know. I would love to flat out ask but I'm not sure it would be accepted seriously. I have no family in the show world and my friend is also a newcomer, so I'm a bit lost as to whom I should approach and if they even want an 'outsider' among their ranks. I don't wish to intrude, I only want to learn and make friends among the sibe folk!

So anyone have any advice, opinions, commentary?

Also I am from QLD :)

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More than happy to help but you do need to come over to us. I am usually running between group 5 and 6 and ALWAYS looking for someone to cover group 6 in case I am clashing which is regularly.

: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:thumbsup:

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