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Another Dog Death As A Result Of Being Left In A Car In Summer

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What will it take for people to understand this very basic issue? It is illegal and it is a hideous way to die yet idiots still do it ever single summer. I have no sympathy for the owner. He had to go to court so knew he would be longer than 5 minutes on a hot day. Why take the dogs with him? What the hell did he think his dogs would do inside a car in the full sun for 2.5 hours? Even half an hour would be too long in those conditions.


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I saw this yesterday and felt sick, and so angry at the idiot owner. He should be jailed.

Those poor dogs, I could see there was a window open in the car, why didn't the people there already just reach in and open the door? I would have been smashing a window and letting them out, no hesitation, no waiting for cops.

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The dogs were both aggressive so the lady who found and stayed with them couldn't safely get them out. Not sure how long they had been in there before she found them (his court attendance info would identify that and they are saying 2.5 hours) but I think they were removed within half an hour of being found and were given water while in the car awaiting safe removal. One of the dogs had to be pts after being removed from the vehicle because I guess it was too far gone for treatment. Just a horrible way to suffer for no reason.

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