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Behaviourist Recommendation


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A friend of mine is seeking a behaviourist to come and help shed some light on the best management for her Cav x Poodle.

From what I understand she and her husband both work for the same company and both have been lucky to dodge a redundancy bullet - only problem being where they used to be on alternate shifts, they now work alongside each other on the same shifts. They have two Cav x Poodles - one of which is being incredibly destructive in their absence and they've received noise complaints. They've tried the usual distractions, treats, enriching toys etc to no avail thus far. They also have a cane toad problem so are unable to leave them unattended in the yard.

She tells me she's had a trainer come out which didn't really help but I've reassured her there's a difference between a trainer and a behaviourist.

Can someone please recommend a behaviourist in the Brisbane area that may be able to assist? Thank you!

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Hi Pheebs,

I don't have any personal experience with Dr Cam Day, but often see him recommended:

Dr Cam Day

BVSc BSc. MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour)

Veterinary Behaviourist


Sydney Animal Behaviour Service (Kersti Seksel and others) also do phone consults and are occasionally in other states for conferences etc.


Poor little mite. To cause such destruction and noise, he/she must be extremely distressed.

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We've recently used Jane Harper and she has been amazing. She gave us loads of suggestions and has kept in contact and made further suggestions as things have changed. She's also visited twice. She is Sunshine Coast I think but drove 2 hours down to our place on Brisbane Southside. Her suggestions have been quite easy to implement and the changes have been positive. She was recommended to me by other pei people.

Edited to add link: http://www.dogsontrack.com.au/

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Some Gold Coast people I know are big fans of Craig A. Murray. I've seen a demo of their normal training classes and they looked fine, from what I've heard the people who've worked with him say I get the impression he approaches things from old be the pack leader point of view, as in don't let them walk out in front of you or sleep on the bed or they will think they are the pack leader, not you, but that kind of approach to training seems to work well for some dog owners, and the people I know who put their dog into residential training with him were very happy with the results.


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