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Double Sided Tricks


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I really tried the 'go sniff' and 'go play' command for letting her loose in the backyard but i never managed to remember it and "off you go" got stuck instead! I am using 'go sniff' when she is on lead and i'll follow her around for a little bit before saying 'lets go'

Definitely need a go say hello type command for her as at the moment she doesn't have much impulse control in wanting to say hi to all the strangers and to get the pats...

sheena is your left and right command for when youre walking on lead and turning directions or something else? how do you use it in agility? feel they could be used in so many situations like look left/right, run, give paw, side step, heel, turn left/right) that i dont know what to use it for unless you can use it for most of them?

In agility I use it if I want the dog to do a sharp turn to left or right to take an obstacle...usually the dog is running out in front, so it is easy to decide if it is a left or a right. EG as he is committed to a jump or coming out of a tunnel, I would call "left over" or "right tunnel" depending on what the next obstacle is. I get a bit confused if the dog is facing me, because then it is my opposite, but that rarely happens in agility. It is very handy for doing distance work in an exclusion zone or just distance work because there is no way I can keep up with my boy. I also use it for just doing spins for fun/tricks, which is how I first taught it...as a directional spin. Oh...& I do use it a bit in Rally O when I want to do a sharp turn.

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