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  1. Ask for the pedigree names of the mum & dad & also what the breeders Kennel name is & do some research. When I have bought pups the breeders have sent me the full pedigree details of the mum & dad
  2. Is he from your litter, if so how are his siblings going?
  3. On the breeder's advice I raised my border collie pups on Adult food (Blackhawk Lamb & Rice Adult) but at an increase rate...something to do with being a larger breed & not wanting them to grow too quickly. They turned out fine
  4. What are you giving him for treats? One of my dogs, BC, couldn't tolerate dried liver as a pup & just the one little bit was enough to give her the scoots. She grew out of it, but I still use dried liver sparingly. One of my other dogs would get dreadful scoots after being to the beach, either from drinking too much salty water or from picking up rubbish on the side. I found Slippery Elm was my best friend & it worked wonders. What has the vet said? (sorry if I have missed that somewhere)
  5. Why dont they add the number of dogs who have passed away at the hands of a tick? I have been using Nexgard for donkey's years with no ill effect & absolutely no trouble with ticks. I do however don't over dose my dogs. I buy the largest dosage & divide it in two so my two 25 kilo dogs are getting just the right amount
  6. Are you feeding him near the other dog? I ask this because if you are then maybe he has been in a conflict with the other dog over food at sometime & now is scared to eat or drink around the other dog
  7. A stuffed kong...but it wont last all night. My BC pup was a terrible chewer & nothing, deterred him from chewing timber. I tried Bitter Spray, Vicks Vapour Rub & Tabasco Sauce & nothing would deter him from chewing the timber around the door frames or chairs...what ever he could get his teeth around..nothing would stop him
  8. I tried that, but I wasted my money, mainly because I couldn't keep him out of the water. Every week I would spend at least an hour giving him a really good brush then apply the spot on...keep him inside for another couple of hours & as soon as I would let him outside he would find the dirtiest patch of lawn/garden to roll in Which tells me he hated the smell.
  9. I took Jaxon (BC) to Bunnings a few times when he was little as part of his life experiences but each time he sat nicely in the trolley & I had heaps of nice treats on me, which I handed to some staff members to give him, & it was good for him. I did the same with the vets. Now when I have to go to Bunnings & I have my dogs with me, I drive into the trade section which is undercover & crack the windows & check with the staff that it is OK to leave them there for a few minutes while I grab what I want. I have never had a knock-back. We also take our dogs several times a
  10. My dogs get frozen pilchards & other fish & frozen turkey necks or chicken drumsticks all the time. One dog wont eat his fish if it is not frozen
  11. The fellas have just taken the two dogs for their evening walk (we are on a farm) & I threatened them with murder if the dogs came back dirty (like last night). All good, just dirty feet. Cricket has fluffed up like cotton wool
  12. An update on this. I finally got my dryer. I bought a Lazor RX. I thought & was prepared to take days even weeks to get Cricket into letting me use it on him. He was all wet from his swim this morning & I said to myself, well I have to start somewhere. Brought him inside & tethered him to the leg of the dining room table. Lots of yummy treats when I put the thing on the floor. I thought he would freak out at the hose because it looks so much like a snake. But no...several treats later & I turned it on, more treats...all good. Then from a distance of a couple of meters I j
  13. I have had this problem with my young border collie. What I do now which works nearly every time, is change direction then he will get up & follow me. I then walk around in a circle & continue on. If I am near a fence or something convenient & safe, but only in my own yard, I will tie him up & walk off until I see him get back on his feet. I have the same problem with trying to get him to leave the vets, as he loves it there so much
  14. Are you buying it on Mains or Limited Register ??
  15. I was looking at this one https://www.clipperworld.com.au/MV_dash_AF_dash_PED500/Metrovac-Air-Force-Quick-Draw-Mini-Portable-Pet-Dryer-PED_dash_500/pd.php or on a second look maybe the one under neath that. Seems to have good reviews & comes with a long hose. This one https://www.clipperworld.com.au/MV_dash_AF_dash_QD_dash_1/Metrovac-Air-Force-Quick-Draw-Portable-Pet-Dryer-QD_dash_1/pd.php
  16. Can you use dryers everyday without damaging the hair? I know nothing about them, but my old boy with the thick curly hair swims in the morning about 8 & then takes the rest of the day to dry off enough so I can brush him. If they can be used often, then any recommendations for one that is efficient, quiet & not too expensive?
  17. Update on this. Four storms so far. The first two I gave him 1/4 Serapax (Oxazepam) & then I got hold of some Vetalogica Vita Rapid treats & yesterday & today's storm he got a couple of those instead, about an hour before the storms. The effect on him was much the same. Clearly he is still worried, but not reacting anymore, so that's good. We havn't had a big overhead storm yet to test it out, but I guess with this hot weather, it wont be long.
  18. You say you have tried everything? Have you tried a head halter or a specially designed front attached harness. I always have good success with the SENSE-ible one http://www.softouchconcepts.com/product/sense-ible-harness. Plus what the others have said above. Do lots & lots of training in your own back yard with yummy treats. ALWAYS take yummy treats with you & give generously for good behaviour when out walking...even if it is only a couple of seconds of good behaviour. Just make sure you are marking (clicker or voice) the exact moment the good behaviour happens. The treat comes
  19. Reading the directions it says if giving more than one tablet to divide the dose evenly twice a day. so for my guys that would be 4 tablets. Do you divide the dose or just give it as one dose?
  20. It is in the same class as Oxazepam Alprazolam is in a class of medications called benzodiazepines
  21. I will get hold of some & try them. They might be good for my older boy too. At present he just goes away & hides, but I know he is stressed, just in a different way to Jaxon. Certainly worth a try...thanks
  22. It is a bit of a catch 22 because I look upon the "all natural" ones as also being chemicals, even tho they might be in natural form. I wouldn't want to be giving something to my dog that was going to impede his natural self, but need something that will quieten him down when we get a storm. I take Oxazepam myself on rare occassions & it helps me sleep by lessoning anxiety. I am hoping it has the same effect on him
  23. I tried him on a small 1/4 tablet of Oxazepam last night & I kept an eye on him for any side effects It wasn't a big storm, so not a big test for it's effectiveness, & it wasn't close but he just sat by the window....didn't do his usual hissyfits. He did sleep well & he is his usual bouncy self this morning
  24. Thanks for your replies. Some very useful information there. I don't want to have to be giving him something every day, just in case we get a storm. I am going to ask my vet about using Oxazepam, mainly because I already have that in the cupboard & a bit of Googling suggests that it is safe for dogs that don't have other underlying medical problems.
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