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  1. I would never take my dog to an off leash dog park. That is not what socialisation is about & it will create issues & end in tears. Agree with everything Persephone has said above
  2. It is a great idea...but a pity...that the legalities have to come into it. What ever happened to people being responsible for their own decisions? Now we are all wrapped in cotton wool & the lawyers are out there waiting for someone to trip up, so they can sue
  3. With or without an actual attack, it must have been very scary for the person with the other dog
  4. I have border collies & feed them drumsticks. I have never fed chicken necks but used to feed turkey necks, but they are now hard to find & more expensive than chicken drumsticks, which are often on special. I have always fed them straight from the freezer . It takes them longer to chew them & they have lovely teeth. I also feed frozen pilchards
  5. Hmmmmm....a self confessed dog trainer for 4 years & only 24 years old
  6. There are pieces of grain coming out in their poo. They are fine otherwise & poos are right consistancy tho probably a bit bigger than normal.
  7. I have started feeding VAN plus kangaroo meat, but notice that it is coming out in their poos. They also get a variety of either frozen drumsticks, frozen pilchards, raw egg and/or yogurt Is this the way it should be?
  8. I have used Cetrizine in the past for a dog with reverse sneezing
  9. Money heals all wounds apparently . She would be covered by medibank. I would bet the two dogs were entire
  10. & 99% of them in the Council Pound are still entire, same with the cats
  11. I carry my own insurance. I worked out 4 years ago when I got my new pup, what the minimum monthly premium would be for two border collies & have been putting that away in a special account ever since. One of my dogs is now elderly & probably wouldn't be able to be insured anyway, but I keep putting away each month into the account. Even with deductions I have accumulated over $4000
  12. Sorry can't answer your question but what is a Cockalier. Never heard of them, is it a new breed?
  13. According to the post on Facebook, it is an ongoing battle with RSPCA not doing anything about it & also the council. It is a nightmare for her neighbours as well as those poor animals
  14. My boy hates thunderstorms & can detect them coming even before there is any rumbling. I give him Vetalogica chews (2) plus I have a wide cloth collar that I spray with Adaptil. It seems to work. He is still a bit stressed but he doesn't want to chase & bark at it anymore. Just hides away in my bedroom. He feels secure in there apparantly
  15. Yes. I have more photos, as it is in my community area & is constantly being put up on our community facebook page
  16. https://fb.watch/iceWsR8wwT/ Not sure if this link will work & this is not my video. Caution as the video is distressing
  17. sheena


    Thank goodness someone else raised that affliction. It is so annoying that I have given up trying to read his/her comments
  18. Same thing happens at dog club Christmas parties
  19. I have one in my class & while I think they are a lovely dog, I agree, their howling would wake the dead
  20. That would have been Kelly Gill with her lovely border collies & Alex, the Pap at the Dog Lovers Show. A Google of The Wonderdogs will bring up lots of videos of Kelly & Alex
  21. My chosen breed is border collies, but if ever I could no longer have a BC, my choice would be a Papillion. I couldn't have one living here on the farm, as I would be worried of him/her being taken by a wedge tailed eagle or even just a chicken hawk . I didn't know that they didn't have an undercoat....that's interesting !!
  22. Very strange. I have grown up with horses all my life (70yrs) & never seen a chestnut that colour before. Maybe it is the colour that comes out on my computer screen as being not chestnut
  23. Maybe they should have let the horse do its thing & kick the f***g dog in the head, which is what usually happens
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