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  1. Oxygen wasters....I not only feel sorry for the poor little dog, but also feel for his wife & kids to have to live with such an unfeeling oxygen wasting monster. I am however thinking that Catman is just a troll as are the other two
  2. Or possibly a puppy farmer. If she doesn't come with ANKC Registered Pedigree papers you cannot be 100% sure of what she is, or who her father was, or what size she is likely to grown, temperament etc. You cannot be sure of what health testing her "breeder" did on the parents, if any. She is probably (I am only guessing) that she is costing you more than buying a registered puppy from a registered breeder & you are not a 100% guaranteed of what you are buying even tho she is very cute
  3. To be 100% sure it is indeed what you are buying, the breeder would be registered with the Qld ANKC (assuming they are in Queensland) & it will come with ANKC (Dogs Qld) papers, either Mains Registered or Limited Registration Papers. This is the only way you can be 100% sure.
  4. Has anyone tried this. Seems it is only available at Woolworths & is not cheap. I thought I would give it a try https://openpaddockpet.com.au/products/higher-welfare-chicken-kibble-for-dogs?variant=40514932048063
  5. Unless the breeder doesn't live around Perth
  6. Just because you are on acreage doesn't automatically give you the right to let your dogs roam where they will. Sorry. We are on acreage too (200) & we don't let our dogs roam. They have their own fenced yard with a hot wire from the electric fence running around the top & if we ever had problems with them digging out (which we don't) then we would run another hot wire around the bottom about 15cm from the ground. They will only touch it once.
  7. Hi Megan, welcome to Dogzonline. Sometimes breeders have adult dogs that they require rehoming. I assume you have taken into account the need for good fences to keep your new dog contained? It would surprise you, just how many people who move to the bush think that they don't need a yard to keep their dog in. They think it is OK to just let the dog free roam, which is not OK
  8. Sounds similar to my girl when her kidneys were on the way out. Have they checked her kidneys?
  9. Nobody should have sold you a six week old pup
  10. If I didn't use Nexgard on my dogs, I would not have any dogs by now. Maybe the problem happens when people overdose them. I buy the biggest tablet & divide it in half, so they are only just getting the correct amount. I live in a bad tick area & I havn't seen a tick on them since I started using Nexgard & I have never had a problem with it affecting my dogs. You can search all you like to find & remove ticks, but you will never find the ones that get down in the ears or in the anus or in the mouth. It is all very good for people to come on here & scaremonger about these things, but obviously they don't live in a tick area
  11. I highly recommend Callicoma Kelpies in Australia. They are show bred dogs, so solid colour, but they excel in all sports as well as the show ring. Mandy has her kelpies all over the world. If you contact her, she might be able to put you in touch with someone that breeds from her dogs that might live closer to you. But she does export to the right homes https://www.callicoma.com.au/
  12. I live on 200 acres & I don't let my dogs free roam. I have an acre fenced off around the house with the entry to the door fenced off from the dogs. Not hard to do. I also have a courier company in my family & believe me, what you are suggesting is impossible. If you don;t believe me then get yourself a job as a delivery person for a week & see how you tackle with dogs hassling you when you try to get to the front doors.
  13. If you couldn't be bothered putting a drop box at your front gate then, maybe stop buying things that need to be brought out by courier. If I were a delivery person, then no way would I walk/drive into a paddock where dogs are running around uncontrolled. How does the meter reader get on?
  14. Your first port of call if thinking of rehoming the puppy is to contact the breeder. Most good breeders require this so they have the opportunity of rehoming the pup themselves & making sure it goes to the right home. A good breeder does not ever want to see their pups in a rescue centre
  15. I have just tuned back into this discussion & I can't believe that the OP is still persisting with his/her questions. I have always thought that this forum was for discussion on the breeding of pure bred dogs & the training & general discussion on ALL dogs in general. Mickey88 is wasting everyones time with this business when he/she obviously wants to breed oodles (cross bred mongrels) & cash in on the lucritive market. He/she is already trying to find the cheapest option, so I imagine he/she will not be spending much on health testing etc, as it is all about profit & possibly the beginnings of yet another puppy farm
  16. You may be able to, but you would have buckley's chance of ever getting another dog off a reputable breeder, because word gets around & Limited means "cannot be bred from". Most of the pedigree dogs that are desexed before they are sold, I would imagine, are the breeds mainly used in puppy farming. You will never find a purebred, registered pup on Gumtree. It is the Ankc register which you need to join if you want to partake in competition dog sports. If you just want some cross bred or unpapered, pup form untested parents & take a risk that the pup has no genetic faults & you will never want to do any dog sports, but you want to breed, then Gumtree is full of them. But PLEASE do not buy aa Limited Register pup & then breed from it. It makes me want to throw up that someone could be so unethical & dishonest to the breeder.
  17. Yes Mains are needed if you want to breed, but Limited is all you need to join Dogs NSW/ANKC & they don't need to be desexed. But if you have an unpapered dog, then it can also join Dogs NSW/ANKC but will need to be desexed & goes on the Associate Register
  18. Just because a dog is sold on the Limited Register, doesn't mean that the dog has any faults that would exclude it from breeding or showing, but if you buy a dog on Limited Register then you are agreeing that you will not breed from that dog. A good breeder will only put their very best pups on Mains Register, if at all, but that doesn't mean the rest of the litter have faults. If that makes sense? All my border collies have been on Limited Register & I signed a contract saying that I would not breed with my dogs. If I were to go against their wishes I could almost guarantee that word would get around that I broke my contract & I would find it very hard to ever find a good pup in the future. But because my dogs are on Limited register, that doesn't mean that they are not good enough to breed from, just ethically I wouldn't & if I did then the pups would have no pedigree. Limited register still allows you to take part in all dog activities except conformation shows & they don't need to be desexed to be able to do so, unlike a dog that has no pedigree which needs to be desexed before it can compete in ANKC activities
  19. Ask for the pedigree names of the mum & dad & also what the breeders Kennel name is & do some research. When I have bought pups the breeders have sent me the full pedigree details of the mum & dad
  20. Is he from your litter, if so how are his siblings going?
  21. On the breeder's advice I raised my border collie pups on Adult food (Blackhawk Lamb & Rice Adult) but at an increase rate...something to do with being a larger breed & not wanting them to grow too quickly. They turned out fine
  22. What are you giving him for treats? One of my dogs, BC, couldn't tolerate dried liver as a pup & just the one little bit was enough to give her the scoots. She grew out of it, but I still use dried liver sparingly. One of my other dogs would get dreadful scoots after being to the beach, either from drinking too much salty water or from picking up rubbish on the side. I found Slippery Elm was my best friend & it worked wonders. What has the vet said? (sorry if I have missed that somewhere)
  23. Why dont they add the number of dogs who have passed away at the hands of a tick? I have been using Nexgard for donkey's years with no ill effect & absolutely no trouble with ticks. I do however don't over dose my dogs. I buy the largest dosage & divide it in two so my two 25 kilo dogs are getting just the right amount
  24. Are you feeding him near the other dog? I ask this because if you are then maybe he has been in a conflict with the other dog over food at sometime & now is scared to eat or drink around the other dog
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