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Puppy training - Perth

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I've got a 9 week old Labrador x King Charles cavalier that I would like some training for and am hoping someone can recommend a good trainer in Perth.


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WA? I haven't used any of these people.  I have seen them recommended on various forums.  I have heard Kathy on the radio answering dog training questions from the public, and I liked her answers.

Kathy Kopellis McLeod

Sonya Bevan Behavioural trainer (doesn't run classes but could make recommendations)


how to choose a trainer


Apdt - has a trainer directory so you can search by location and for classes. 

Any of these should be able to recommend someone in your area if they aren't right for you.

And vets often run puppy pre-schools or could recommend classes.

and you might also be able to find an agility club that does puppy classes.

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What an interesting combo .

What area are you in ,Do you want to join a club or do more of an intense course 

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