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Well, finally happening.

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No, Its not because of Breed Standards. I have tried very hard to say that over and over again.


But it is because the idea has been  pushed, for a long , long time, that that only a single  set of uniform standards can be acceptable. Only one environment is suited to dog breeding, and its not in peoples back yards.

 Its some thing that should be left to experts and not tried at home because only one environment will be recognized.

Only one environment can or will support breeders to do the job as well as it can be done.


Dog breeding should not be  supported in the community.

It hasn't been for a long time, and the results speak for them selves. Its a mess.

ANKC says its Practices are acceptable and no other. Its not breed standards that are the problem, its membership standards of practice.


So yeah, it is easier to rubber stamp and police large facilities and ensure expert care. To enforce breeding for health and other environmental demands

from the community that hasn't the support  to meet their own demands.

Dog breeding won't be supported  as a community interest, so the community in their ignorance of the practices involved, are almost willing to agree.

Guess what? ANKC members are community members!


ANKC membership gives  support unavailable to the rest of the community (in general terms) but can't ensure or even agree on what 'standards' of practice are universal to its membership alone. Though they try very hard to do that by holding up examples of  poor practices mostly occurring else where, Policing their own members is almost impossible and the  environment will intrude into their space. So they will never be able to guarantee better, from all members.

ANKC alone can't meet community demands. ANKC doesn't recognize community demands unless they are set by ANKCs own standards.


People do care about dogs, or they wouldn't support suppliers of them by buying. But its been drummed into them that universal standards are very important and  community members haven't the expertise to  be trusted to uphold them.

They certainly don't have the support needed to familiarize themselves with what what those standards involve.


I haven't even read the link. It might not get through this time, but it will eventually because ANKC won't recognize an environment beyond ANKC and the community demands dogs for the community, not just ANKC members and ANKC expectations of what they must be.


I'm not saying you have to like it or agree. Thats how it is.


ANKC was set up for the practice of keeping pedigrees.  ANKC does not recognize any other practice  as having value to dogs independent of Pedigrees..

So no practice used in the breeding of dogs can have any value for it own merits.

Any value is in the Pedigree. And any practices operating independently of  Pedigrees will be discredited so the value is lost.


Pedigrees might be,  but  Dogs aren't independent of those practices.  So once you have discredited all practices that aren't dependent on K.Cs, you have no dogs.

Yet that is the course the K.C identity has been  directed to. To take dog breeders (and so dogs) out of the environment, because its not recognized as  fit for breeding dogs. Commercial factories are the only logical alternative for an  environment/ community that still wants dogs.


You get good results by supporting them when they are demonstrated. That happens to a degree within ANKC.

Not as much as it should. Members must support ANKC standards to a highly critical group consensus of interpretation.

Or risk being identified as  'outsiders' to the ANKC identity.

 That takes a huge toll on membership, mostly on those not breeding solely for the show ring where standards are verified.

That has a huge impact on the possibilities and effectiveness of any attempt  at reform.


NO practice taking place outside ANKC membership receives even that  limited support.

The worst cases are brought forward as examples of failure. And the ANKC further self limits its own membership to remove any intrusion of those practices on the ANKC identity.

The available responses to ANKC standards can only become more limited.


There is no support for effective practice beyond ANKC standards of membership.

Instead support is withdrawn from members, as their environment with draws  support  for discredited practices.








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