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Having a conversation with a friends regarding collections and using frozen semen. 
1. Firstly they were blown away to hear a dog with a colleciton being 1464mil count. who else has had this type of numbers at first collection (before freezing) as ive heard of some being 800 and 1300.mil etc 
2. secondly once semen is frozen and tested and given a count.. is the count on the vial the pre or post thaw number? my analysis reads to me that its the post thaw count. 
3. also what is your preferred count on frozen semen breedings ? ive had many vet tell me 100 others say 200. 
4. what is the lowest count AI you have had that was successful

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I am yet to discover a hard and fast rule with what a dog will give you count wise. I have a 6 year old dog who is only 500 million and I've had a 10 year old still producing billions. Some bloods lines in my breed seem to produce less sperm younger then others. 


1) A fresh count anything over 100 million of healthy sperm is enough to get a bitch pregnant according to the experts but it varies greatly between breeds and dogs Ive found

2) A frozen semen report should have pre and post thaw number on it and the final count with the straws should be post thaw as they are the numbers you/your vet are working with when using the semen down the track. Some semen does not freeze well and despite being in the billions when fresh post thaw can be significantly less.

3 & 4) Preferred count comes down to the vet your using preference. I have had success with frozen with just over 100 million (post thaw) and I've had a failure with 250 million (post thaw). When bringing in from overseas and i have semen from a number of countries they seem to count 100 - 120 million (post thaw) as 1 mating . 


I have done fresh AI's with older dogs that vets had said very small chance and produced reasonable size litters & i had fresh AI's with proven dog to proven bitch and got 2 pups. Mother nature gets a say here and with our interference some times i think she has a wicked sense of humour 

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