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Urgent help needed for Senior Kelpie Boy

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Hi Guys, Long storey so i will try and shorten it.


A lady I know has recently adopted an 11 year old Kelpie boy from the pound. He was surrended by previous owner for fence jumping and constantly escaping.

He only did one night at the pound and was adopted the very next day.

The problem is they weren't kidding when they said fence jumper, he has escaped his new home daily. This lady only works part time so he on only left home for a few hours at a time.

Anyway, fast forward she has had enough and can't keep going with him and is saying she will be taking him back to the pound today.

Any chance anyone can fit this boy in? He is so friendly, he has been around my cats and didn't care at all. 

I think in addition to the fence jumping his behaviour is being reinforced by alot of us in the community as when he escapes he is getting lots of attention, he is meeting up with families at the park and getting fed morning tea..people are taking him inside and feeding him..he is having a great old time!



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Most dog rescue has moved over to Facebook.  There are a few working dog rescues that might be able to help.  I don't have links but Google will help.  Hopefully he will find the right home.

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