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Possible entire litter health issues (kidney, renal) PLEASE HELP.

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My baby is 3 years and 10 months and a Bull Terrier/Boxer X.

We just lost his brother to untreated kidney and renal failure, and as Burke has never liked to drink much water, which was the polar opposite of sparrow, its something I've obviously been concerned with. 

In the past two weeks ive been making sure to keep his water up as I wasnt happy with how yellow his pee was. He hasnt liked water much of his life but there are a few ways I've gotten him to deal. Hes around 45kg, and hes drinking around 2-3L now of water a day.

Since upping his water intake, his pee has changed to a much lighter color which I am also very happy with. However since increasing his water, he will know crouch in the same way his brother used to (almost as if they were a female dog), crouching very low to the ground and the pee coming out in spurts, and quite often he will need to go more than once. Each time the pee spurts gradually become stronger and longer but still not what I am happy with or would find normal. 

He also has, since changing his water routine, started to be fully erect when peeing, to the point of what looks painful, and with a bulb (known to show when 'tying' females) which doesnt seem to be making his ability to pee easily any easier. His poo also has been a more yucky yellow brown, instead of his normal chocolate brown, however still solid and generally easy to pass. 

All of these symptoms were what we were told with Sparrow were normal until we finally got a vet who said it wasnt and by the time we did start the correct treatment, we couldnt do anything to save him. I dont want to lose Burke too and I'm very worried at how similar his behaviour is now, to how Sparrows was around 2 years ago and very worried that perhaps the whole litter had kidney problems if Burke is responding this way to drinking the appropriate amount of water.

Could you please advise me on the best way to help my dog?

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Take him to the vet who diagnosed Sparrow asap

kidney problems should not be ignored.

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