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2 hours ago, Ricky2 said:

@sandgrubberyes that is true,it's a shame we cant trust food companies, all they care is about cashing in $$$ , i've seen dogs on cheap food and scraps that outlived those on premium,and looked amazing, what works with other dogs may not work with yours etc..in my case since i switched to this new one i have seen a bit of an improvement, she hasnt been eating much which slightly worries me at times-i thought she was going to big a massive pig as shes a lab mix but i was wrong(she is when something picks her interest), in terms of stools, coat etc..i have seen some improvement from when she was on the cheaper brand,her coat used to be terrible,her stools soft and huge,but now they are slightly firmer and smaller(sorry about the topic :laugh:).

Also this a slightly out of topic but should i feed her boiled carrots or raw? (I will mix that up in kibble) Do i have to peel  them? 

Also in terms of fruit what can i mix in her kibble?


And again,sorry for the change of topic,what do y'all think about kibble with rosemary? I have heard it has a lot of benefits but can trigger seizures.

Not eating much is good, so long as she doesn't get severely underweight. 

Carrots : they are probably digested better cooked, but I never bother.  OK, there are orange chunks in the poo.  Who cares?

P. S. No, You can't trust any company that is out to maximize profits, ie, the vast majority of companies. Breakfast cereals are equally as bad as dogfood... there's lots of oversweet crap pretending to be healthy. 

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I give raw carrots cold for chewing,  Pandi loves them & yes there are orange chunks in her poo!    You can peel carrot if you think the skin is bitter or not bother,  up to you                                                 I think for most dogs  rosemary would be fine it's a tiny % in their food,    Unless your dog is prone to Seizures   I  wouldn't  worry about it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     sandgrubber  my hubby & I have holidayed  in NZ ,  South Island 3 times,  I love the  snowy mountains &  cooler temps,  I would live there if I could,  it's  SO  Beautiful                                                                                                        

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