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Show dog brush advice please

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Hi and welcome to DOL. Can you ask the breeder of your dog what they use? They would be the best ones to ask. Or you could google for Dachshund forums, join and ask them. I personally can't help as I have smooth coated dogs who only need a bath and a towel dry :)

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Agree your breeder should have given you this info if they sold you a show potential puppy .

As for gear my suggestion is start basic whilst you test out showing ,gear wise you can spend little or spend alot .
I handled /groomed Std Longs for many years .
What you will need is .
Single side thinners for the feet & throat

Small straight for trimming under the pads .

Combo comb (any of the dog vendors will sell them )

Brush a soft bristle

Quality soft slicker will last you for ever whether pet or show Doggyman is a good one .
Then it comes down to shampoo/con that best suits your dogs coat & training it to be blow dried

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