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Switching Over to Raw Diet from Kibble

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Hi Folks,

Thanks for providing your advice to my queries.

Now I have an other....Should I switch over to Raw Diet/BARF diet from Kibble?
Currently my 15 week old GSD pup is on Black Hawk Puppy Large Breed diet with a mix of Cooked chicken.

I am not entirely happy with the Kibble as I've been noticing her poo. Whenever she poops the first discharge is nice and firm usually in dark grey color followed by a wee sloppy/semi-solid one in dark yellow color.

She has her regular worming done and she is active and never lethargic. 

Recently I've been advised on raw diet from one of my friend about "Big Dog Pet Foods" - Apparently the review are great for this product. 

She is just a puppy now and will turn to being 35+ Kg dog sooner. 

Based on the feeding guide in their website the product appears to be a costly affair - the math works out to around 375 AUD per month.

Should I stick to Kibble based or switch over to raw?

Are there any decently priced raw diets in the market?

Have any one done DIY raw diet? if so, with what would be the ingredients.

Can really appreciate you suggestions.


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if you were to add more raw bone into her diet I doubt your pup will have sloppy poo's. Personally my dogs have never done well on Black Hawk. If you haven't done full raw before then I would suggest you stick to a reasonable dry food with some added raw.

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Costco are now selling raw patties , they are made by Big dog but cheaper . However it’s still costly for a large dog . I’m not a black Hawk fan either , Ivory Coat or Margot and Billy kibble are my favorite. Although adding bones would work too as Rebanne suggested . 

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