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Letter and number tattoos

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Hi everyone!


My lovely dog is a rescue and I’ve had her for quite some time. According to DNA testing, she’s mostly Mastiff, with Boxer and Greyhound in the mix also. 


She has tattoos in each ear. The left ear tattoo consists of 3 letters, and the right ear tattoo consists of 3 numbers. I’ve tried to look into this on a couple of occasions to see what it means or where she’s from and I’ve always hit dead ends. 


Would anyone here have any clue what the tattoos might mean, or where she might be from? 


Thanks so much


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The German Shepherd club used to tattoo pedigree pups in the right ear  with 3 letters and 3 numbers (together) The 3 letters identified the breeder and the numbers for the puppy. My prefix was BNG and Frankie pictured is the 77th puppy tattooed from my kennel.  

The GSD club kept a database so dogs could always be traced back to their breeder. Unfortunately the RSPCA put a stop to this a couple of years ago. 


Not something I’ve heard of in mixed breed dogs though! 


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