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Thought DOL might like something a little lighthearted.


Thyme and I attended a spaniel meet up. He had  a blast running about and fetching (his) ball! I really enjoyed it and I hope the next spaniel meet up also has the welshies and cockers present (maybe the field spaniels too? i just like seeing all the types in one spot. it helps me plan my future ;) )




It was only afterward that I found out two of the dogs are from the same breeder. Here is a photo I managed to get of them all lined up! Cousins! Thyme is the spottiest.



(sorry it's low quality, I am not sure how else to make it fit :( it's in the instagram link above too, when you hit the little arrow)


and here's the three again going for that ball!




Sometimes I wonder what other dogs think, when they enter the park and there's a bunch of dogs all the same breed all in one corner.


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