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Thanks for everyone’s advice. 
I have found in the last week that the “time out” putting him in a separate play pen or my laundry/kitchen gated area, when he gets too cheeky and bitey is proving to be most effective for our little nipper.

He is also starting to understand that if he does it we remove ourselves and stop playing with him. 

I also feel that he’s starting to have much more calm and relaxed time than what he was a week ago. Lots of patting with no nipping where as we couldn’t even really pat him without him going in for a good nip before. Lol! 


Fingers crossed it fazes out over the next few months. 

Thanks again for all the advice from everyone.
It’s all been taken on board and it’s much appreciated. 

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On 10/01/2021 at 5:11 PM, Dogsfevr said:

Not surprising he does the nipping being brushed but something you need to start being more in control off .Your puppy should not be nipping even at that age whilst being brushed .

Walking wise puppy can walk out the front onleash ,we walk our puppies for lead training pre homing out the front from 6 weeks .

Seeing the world,seeing cars ,hearing noises is a must .

Most vets explain it wrong there.


Grooming wise find a groomer early who will get the pup into a good routine early .

As a groomer most leave it till 6 months and bring a nippy ,untrained pup for there groom .

Where do you brush the pup .It doesn’t get to tell you what it wants ,brushing is fir life let it take control now and you will have an unpleasant 12 odd years ahead .


We tell our puppy owners to buy a non slip matt,place on washing machine or bench and brushing/touch time / feet,eyes,ear checks happen there .


Most people brush on the lounge,there lap or flip them upside down.

Great advice about putting him on the washing machine as I found that when I washed and blow dried him the other day on the top of the machine he was fine with me brushing him there and using the hair dryer, come to brushing him in the lounge etc it was not going to happen, he kept trying to bite the brush like it was a game. 
I will persevere though and hopefully take control of that one, like you said it’s a life long thing he will have to get used to it. 

He has his first proper groom in a couple of weeks to get him used to going regularly. 
fingers crossed it’s not too traumatic for the poor little bugger. Lol! 

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Hi there! My first dog was a female Great Dane, and I do not recall her nipping at all. I currently have a male Newfoundland, and OH BOY DID HE NIP! My legs were bruised it was so bad. I could barely walk by him in the morning because he was so full of energy and was attracted to anything that moved. I had to keep a stash of toys within reach all over my house. I tried my best to remain calm, say nothing and when I gave him the appropriate thing to chew it helped tremendously. I also quickly realized I needed to exercise him way more. When he was supper nippy I couldn't just give him something to chew and walk away, it was a sign to me that he had stored up energy. I would play tug of war or fetch, also a brain game using tennis balls and a muffin tin ALWAYS wore him out.


I can tell you it passed, he no longer nips, he is a bit mouthy at 9 months, but it's controllable as well.

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