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The results of early desexing in photos


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May be an image of dog and text that says "7 1/2 weeks Spayed around 6 months. Pictured at 2years."



May be an image of dog and text that says "Sopnie Never spayed AMIGO KENNE"




Littermates. The effects of early spaying.
One was spayed around 6 months. So she did not have the hormones to tell her when to grow and when to stop growing. It can also cause joint issues recessed vulva’s, incontinence, and cancer, etc. her bones grew too long, her rib cage did not expand like it should have and she also has skin issues now. The other one is her littermate who was never spayed she’s actually younger in the picture than the one that was spayed early.  This has nothing to do with genetics, both of these puppies were show quality, both come from champions, the one looks like she came from a very poorly bred litter. And if you look at her puppy picture you can see her conformation is correct, her chest is to her elbows where it should be, but now at two years old it is not there and it should be.
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Something I find fascinating is the research coming out about the behavioural impacts of desexing. It’s not just about whether or not you desex but also the timing. There’s a window for example in which if you had a breed prone to noise phobia you might want to avoid desexing; dogs desexed before or after that age range did not show the same uptick.

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