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Recent change of behavior- Growling at people

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Hi There ! 

I have a 2 year old mix breed (possible Bull Arab cross) rescue dog that is 45kg. He has never been great with other dogs so i generally just walk him on leash a couple times a day around my area. Recently i have split from my partner and moved to a new home so my dog is in a new home, my partner is gone and the other dog is gone as well. 

About a month ago my dog has started to growl at people but it is strange because he does to them for a pat and seems to be enjoying it and then after about a min he starts growling like the have gotten to close or something. Yesterday on our walk the same thing happened however this time he seemed to have lunged forward a bit while growling. ( this sounds more dramatic then it was, but it does seem to have escalated). Any help would be appreciated. 

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