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A Dog Of All Trades!


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Good evening all! Snickers here barking that it still doesn’t feel like summer in Maine yet!  Mommy said it was only like 70 agrees today. Whatever that means!  Well, I thought that instead of just laying around and being lazy the past year, I would go out and get some real world skills that I could use. Times are tough ya know.  Just in case mommy couldn’t work, I could still bring home the bacon…..mmmmm bacon slurp!  

So I first tried interior decorating. I thought I had an eye for it, but apparently not so:



Next I tried woodworking:


Geez, they make it look so much easier in those do it yourself magazines!


Ok I should be pretty good at Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC:


All you have to do is point the fan at your face! 


(Sigh). Well, I tried!  I guess like they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So I guess I will just go back to being a big hungry sneaker monster!  Well, good night all!  Gonna go dream about some yummy yummy new Nikes that Grammy has for me!




Snickers the Master Sneaker Technician 


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