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Companion Animal Welfare Grants (NSW)


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This is interesting...




... it says that even if someone may only have been charged with an offence... even if the charge may have been dropped, or the person found not guilty of the charge... huh??


How many people would know that sort of information about any of their carers, as it certainly wouldn't be something voluntarily stated by a prospective carer, would it? Not to mention that a PIN doesn't necessarily have to be related to an actual cruelty offence, as RSPCA have been known to issue those over the fact that a vet's phone number hasn't been prominently displayed where anyone can see it, or other trivial paperwork related issues.


Then again... the fact that any rescue wanting one of these grants must be on the OLG approved organisation list may weed out the worst of the cowboy operations from applying. Although I'm tipping that there will be a flood of applications coming in to get on that list now...



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