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  1. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    How beautiful. Secret is still tiny!!
  2. Frenchie dies on flight :(

    You said, “I can sort of understand.....”. No, it is incomprehensible.
  3. Frenchie dies on flight :(

    Totally agree. What an example for the children.
  4. The world needs more of you and your wisdom and compassion
  5. Old age and how do you cope?

    That is brilliant.
  6. Frenchie dies on flight :(

    Really!! Think on this. Would you put your dog in a small carry-on crate and then shut him up in a drawer in your bedroom cupboard?
  7. Frenchie dies on flight :(

    Absolutely. Why on earth did no other passenger intervene? Just beyond understanding.
  8. Frenchie dies on flight :(

    Yes, the airline and the flight attendant need to be seriously seriously punished, but who in their right mind would put a puppy in an overhead locker? You’d have to have a few marbles missing to even think for a second they’d be ventilated. This is horrible and that poor little dog; it makes me feel sick. What on earth were the other customers thinking ... they heard the dog barking. What is wrong with people? Everyone is at fault here.
  9. As you already recognise you have an anger problem and are inflicting pain via the prong when you get frustrated, seek help before you do some serious harm.
  10. Managing elderly dogs overnight - advice please!

    I don’t think that is sounding negative at all . It says it like it is when we have elderly/ill/recovering pets - both management and coping. I had to keep a torch in my bedside cupboard when I had Orla because of her toileting habits . Wooden floors don’t show up what might be lying in wait for the unsuspecting foot. Particularly if you are stumbling out of bed without glasses and having been woken from a deep deep sleep.
  11. Managing elderly dogs overnight - advice please!

    Well [hands on hips and pouting] get ya butt in here Westiemum.
  12. Managing elderly dogs overnight - advice please!

    LOL. It is a work day, I think, so I managed to control my curiosity. I confess, I thought about this and wondered how @westiemum and Sarah managed.
  13. Managing elderly dogs overnight - advice please!

    I would have thought the scrambled egg, butter and cheese a bit rich. I always have rice and puréed vegetables to mix in with the dog food. Funnily enough, Jeune has started to ask for midnight snacks. Luckily she and Tamar still have no difficulty getting on and off the bed (they jump off and use the stairs to get back on) so no problems re toileting through the night. If you wanted to give her egg, what about hard boiled and mashed up in rice. Keep us posted as to what you do and how it turns out.
  14. One-year-old dies after attack by Rottweiler dog

    @Maddy you are so right, but your post makes me feel so sad for the dogs. The owner of that a Great Dane needs a kick up the backside for allowing the dog to be placed into such a position. And don’t get me started on the stupid other man.