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  1. Tear Staining in Japanese Spitz

    Some dogs stain more than others. My first puppies (Maltese) had shocking staining when they were puppies. I was pretty ignorant of the causes and it was so bad that when I was out with them one day, a little girl said to her mother, “They have blood all over their faces.” Out of the mouths of babes . . . . . . With the regular use of Optrex eye wash, the staining disappeared completely on the male and became negligible on the female.
  2. Tear Staining in Japanese Spitz

    Go to the chemist, buy some Optrex eye wash and bathe your dog’s eyes with it (soak a cotton ball) every day until the staining disappears or is reduced. After that, maintain the habit of bathing your dog’s eyes with the Optrex every few days. I regularly give my dogs eye drops particularly on windy dusty days.

    A lot of people, as evidenced by many threads here and in other places over the years, don’t realise that ANY effort needs to be put in.
  4. More Monarto Chimps

    Just brilliant, Grizabella. Wonderful to see them simply being themselves.
  5. RIP Genevieve

    Oh god, that is just so damned sad. Deepest condolences to you and your family, @Genabee. I actually read your post late last night, but was too saddened to respond then. I was in tears for all of you and especially Genevieve who was still so young and such a loved, integral part of your family.
  6. I wonder how long the original owner had been looking for a home before she decided on giving the dog up in order to make it easier? I’m torn too; I would have to be in a state of absolutely last resort before giving my dogs up.
  7. Genuine West Highland Terrier

    I agree, @westiemum. Sad really, very sad. I have been told to leave footpath cafe, also a courtyard cafe and once, coming back from Brisbane all the taxis at Sydney were refusing to stop for me .... I had Calypso with me, a 2kg Maltese who was probably cleaner than 99.9% of the drivers and their cabs
  8. More Monarto Chimps

    What a cuddler !!
  9. Widget: From Big Belly To Babies!

    So beautiful. Big smiles here. The pic of the Secret Lecture is priceless.

    Brilliant!! Well done.
  11. How'd this get missed?

    I don’t think it was missed. This tragedy has only just happened and has been reported all over the ABC TV news. Unfathomable sorrow and loss.
  12. Introducing Turbo, reintroducing me

    He is gorgeous and anyone can see how he has become the light of your life. Troy has recently cut down on the number of sections and the introductory one was one to go; welcome back - some wonderful IG and their owners on DOL.

    Yee Hah
  14. Help pls- Luxating Patella (WA) vet suggestions?

    A vet once said something to me that I found pretty scary. He said the mistake was made when they were called “Veterinary Surgeons”. A surgeon thinks he/she has to operate. Operations should be considered, considered again and then considered again .... for all animals including the human animal. This vet also showed me how easy it was to slip dogs’ knees out of joint. Paraphrasing: he said that a customer takes their dog to the vet, the vet says, OMG look at this luxating patella, it just slips right out of joint, this dog must be operated upon. Another mistake that we make (and one that is hard not to because we are not vets) is that we thinks vets love animals, would walk over hot coals to help our animals and have only the deepest ulterior motives in taking up this profession and are extremely skilled. None of these things applies to some vets. I could relate several more horror stories from over the years, but I want to sleep tonight.

    Going well. Soon it will be time for congratulatory celebrations