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  1. Two little Foxies

    So lovely that they have each other, Rozzie. Dearest little things.
  2. Pet medication at chemist

    Lots of medications are the same for humans and dogs. However, humans are covered for most under the PBS as @Diva says. A couple of the medications that I am on, my dogs are taking as well. But I wouldn’t give the dogs my meds as dosage is critical ....... although I have had so much pain lately that I look rather longingly at the bottle of liquid codeine in the cupboard that I no longer use for Bunter as I am now giving him a tiny little pill rather than having to wrestle with him and get bitten in the process.
  3. Alternative to a "groodle"

    LOL!! You said it so I don’t have to. @kamuzz my groomer who is literally 50 metres down the road from my house is a breeder of Standard Poodles. She regularly has a few of her dogs at the salon and they are extremely loving and fun dogs. When she has a litter she has them at the salon (once they are old enough) as well, so they get lots of socialisation with lots of other dogs. If your colleague would like to meet a few, she would only need to give Jeanette a call and arrange to visit the salon when Jeanette has some of her dogs and/or puppies (no puppies at the moment though I think). All her “pet” dogs are just cut in the shaggy cut and look beautiful. She does show and I have seen them with the show cut as well (I will hold my tongue LOL !!!). Many of her clients are her puppy buyers and many have come back over the years to adopt again and again. Phone 0418 698 831 (Styles Dog Grooming)
  4. The Hugging Dog , Loubie :)

    Meeting up with her (provided you received approval) would have made so many people’s day.
  5. No surprise...but pleasant anyway

    Beautiful. And, as you say @sandgrubber, no surprise. I well remember my eyebrows disappearing into the rafters at a post from several years ago wherein a rescue group was wondering whether to adopt a dog to a sixty year old as that was sooooooooooooo old. At the time I was well into my sixties and had six dogs. Now, in my early seventies, I have only four with the last (Mezza) being adopted direct from the pound in January. Definitely reached my limit though.
  6. lump in my boys mouth, suspect melanoma/ osteosarcoma

    Wonderfully descriptive post, DesertDobes, to which many of us can relate. I am sitting at my computer grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Quoted Sentence 1: All DOL is hoping that. Quoted Sentence 2: You are not alone !!!! So excited for you and Sniper. Looking forward to the updates.
  7. lump in my boys mouth, suspect melanoma/ osteosarcoma

    Oh WOW!! Let’s hope that vet is correct.
  8. Adventures of Bella Saluki

    Well I am going to be a hopeless judge as I don’t see how you can get much better. Wow to your skill and Wow to Bella Bella.
  9. lump in my boys mouth, suspect melanoma/ osteosarcoma

    All crossed and sending cyber get well thoughts.
  10. 10ml syringes

    Didn’t think of that. The 10ml ones are still to big .... the barrel that is.
  11. Adoption fee "too expensive"

    This sort of attitude makes me so sad. What about cute little babies who have lovely childhoods and end up being serial killers. Extreme example, I know, but that’s what your post boils down to. Most of the dogs in pounds are just your everyday dog who has become lost and because there are far too many pounds, the owners can have great difficulty in finding them.
  12. 10ml syringes

    The nozzles are much too narrow for that, Thistle. I tried so many when I was trying to feed Danny.
  13. 10ml syringes

    I have 17 x BD 10ml syringes available. If anyone is needing to give meds or supplement feeding to their dogs (medium to large dogs as the barrel is too big for little dogs’ mouths) happy to give away. Would need to be close to Hornsby otherwise there wouldn’t be any cost benefit
  14. Do dogs ever die peacefully in their sleep?

    Play Gilly, play.
  15. Need a good vet

    What is the nearest big town?