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  1. Dog left in hot car dies ...dog walker sends txt message

    I feel this is the case. As with any business, there and good and bad, very good and very bad and everything in between. We need to do our due diligence.
  2. Dog left in hot car dies ...dog walker sends txt message

    Your compassion for the walker is misdirected persephone - at least I think so. As I understand the report, she went on the cruise and realised some hours later while still on the cruise that the dog was in her car. Instead of calling the police or someone close to where she left the car, if that was possible, she texted the owner who was some distance away. Thursday was a cruelly hot day and I can’t see that the dog would have survived for very long.
  3. New cocker pup finally here

    Do you think she looks cross? I thought she was looking well satisfied that her strategies have worked to date and deep in contemplation of next plans to have her mum under her paw Little does she know that Vet DOL can be very strict. Get eating what you are given, little gal
  4. Dog left in hot car dies ...dog walker sends txt message

    This is all over FB. I hope the dog walker is sued from here to kingdom come.
  5. You are so right. I know it is silly to worry about things that didn’t happen, but I can’t help feeling sick with horror at the thought it could have happened while I wasn’t at home. The place feels so empty without her.
  6. Today has been totally devastating and I am feeling shocked and so so saddened. Today, we said goodbye to Orla who had been here only for five months and was so contented and so totally at home. My heart is broken for that funny, smelly, pooping little girl. Last night at about 1/4 to seven, I started getting dinner for the dogs. As Orla is usually in the kitchen under my feet at the first sound of the frig door opening, when she didn’t appear, I looked into the lounge to see her panting very heavily and holding out her front right leg. I picked her up and gently went through the routine of trying to find where she hurt, whether she had a burr in her pads, the usual examination. Only when I reached her shoulder did she react and took my hand in her mouth to tell me that hurt. My immediate thought was a pulled muscle and I quickly phoned her rescuer who met me 1/2 way between her place and mine with some pain medication. I made up a little pen in the lounge with barricades as the crate wasn’t big enough for her to stretch out in and at 6.30 the following morning gave her another Tramadol. She was hungry and after I’d taken her downstairs to pee, gave her a little bit of food. Her leg was useless and knuckling over so as soon as they opened, I made an appointment to take her to the vet. The vet was very concerned that Orla had torn nerves, but said to continue with her pain medication, watch her over the weekend and bring her back on Monday. The time elapsed between leaving the vet and getting home would have been about ten minutes and as soon as I’d put Orla on a bed in the lounge she threw up, something she’d never done. I picked her up and she went into one of the worst seizures I’d ever seen. Well I’d never seen anything more than a dog have a little fit and be out of it and fine within a couple of minutes. This just wasn’t stopping. I couldn’t stop holding her, but managed to call a neighbour who rushed around and drove me to the vet and I met the rescuer there. Orla was still in a bad way and I honestly thought she might pass away even before we reached the vet. To cut a long story short, the processes that the vet said we would need to go through to just perhaps find out what was wrong with her, filled me with dread at the prospect of this elderly, already health compromised little girl going through it, being all alone in hospital and then perhaps not making it. We discussed it for a little while and it was decided we should let her go. She was obviously in a very poor way, the seizure had taken a huge toll and even when she was given a calming injection, it was obvious that another seizure was coming on. Goodbye my little darling:
  7. Hard decision, biting dog. *Updated*

    I am just so sorry to read this, @Rascalmyshadow. Cortisone can be magic and hope it proves to be so for Claudia.
  8. Poo bags

    I am tempted to try these, expensive, but if they worked they could be a bit of a salve to my environmental worries: https://www.floraandfauna.com.au
  9. Hello y'all

    It is all grist to the educational mill, though.
  10. Dog Stairs

    @Scottsmum I gather you are laughing at my description of Jeune . She most be one of the most stubborn dogs ever born. I’ll be lying in bed reading and she will come around to my side of the bed and I’ll tell her to use the stairs. She stands there with her back to me, then wanders around to the stairs. And then comes back to me side of the bed ...... repeat this several times. Guess who generally wins?
  11. Hello y'all

    Ain’t that the truth !!! We have one here whose dog has twice attacked dogs I know in the near neighbourhood. Gods knows what else it has in other places. The woman has absolutely no control over it and is a complete idiot and despite being reported to Council on a few occasions, refused to muzzle her dog or walk it in an escape proof harness. The other day I was walking the dogs, stopped to pick up after one of mine and as I straightened up I saw her behind me a few metres away. I just exclaimed, “For god’s sake!!” and she hastily crossed the road. I was in my lounge room this afternoon and saw her over the road, being dragged down the footpath with the dog on an extendable lead.
  12. Dog Stairs

    Tamar, Jeune and Bunter can still get up the stairs, but Jeune likes to pretend she can’t when we go to bed and wanders around looking up at me piteously until I lift her up. However, if she needs to go out through the night she is perfectly able to get up via the stairs when she knows I am sound asleep . So they are still worth having.
  13. Hello y'all

    I may be wrong, but it was my understanding that it was in the Companion Animals Act. I’ll try to look it up to see what the age limitation is. And yes, I’ve encountered a few youngsters around here who obviously have no control of the dogs they are walking and it is very scary when you are faced with a leaping snarling dog and on the end of its leash is a young child who doesn’t know what to do and is obviously extremely frightened. I also experienced them letting go of the lead and my having to grab their dog while trying to keep my dogs safe.
  14. Oh my. Be still my trembling heart ...........
  15. Where to find a SWF rescue in QLD?

    They have a couple of gorgeous ones right now - one called Claudette