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  1. puppy stolen, anyone recognise these people?

    OMG!! That video was horrifying. Such a relief to know that Chipper is home safely. Were the people recognised?
  2. More Monarto Chimps

    Galatea These are some of the best yet, I think. The one of Enzi on the ladder with Lani just crouched beside it is just fabulous.
  3. Didi :)

    How lovely to have such a beautiful update, @dididog. Thank you so much. And George Your “top of a valley” sounds perfect for you and the dogs: gorgeous views and great places for walking. Well done.
  4. What wet food to feed my dogs?

  5. My ‘Not so sweet’ little Violet

  6. 9th Storey Apartment

    I think that is the best idea. Even the best trained and happiest of dogs can get over excited and go off cliffs, balconies and the like.
  7. The adventures of Hailey, the Tassie Devil

    Beautiful. She is turning Zeph into a puppy.
  8. Jan Fennell- thoughts, opinions

    I’ll never forget the one and only time I tried the “ignore” on one of my dogs from years ago. Once and once only. My dog was devastated and crying. From what you have told us about Hugo, it would be absolutely the wrong method. From what I have gathered over the years from reading, experiencing, hearing reports from others, so many trainers are implacably welded to their own ideas and have become rigid to the extent that some of their methods represent cruelty, to my way of thinking. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL ....... dogs and children.
  9. Vale Hobbes, An Era Ends

    That’s lovely ricey. Photos when you have a moment
  10. What breed is my pup!

    LOL - you may never have a true idea. So many dog breeds, so many mixed breeds. Whatever he is, he is very beautiful and I think you are in for a lot of love and fun with him.
  11. Struggling to walk - partially blind

    She needs assessment from a vet NOW. Not wanting to move shows that she is in a lot of pain.
  12. Dog doesnt look me in the eye

    As the owner has already noticed this and thinks the dog might be cross eyed, it would appear to be something not quite right with the dog’s eyes. Whether it is something that could or should be fixed, I haven’t a clue. Perhaps you could talk to a local vet?? A fair while ago, I knew a lady who had one eye that “wandered” and I would find myself turning my head to see what she was looking at
  13. Help - senior dog becoming aggressive

    If you and your parents see this situation as a battle, then there is going to be one loser and one who doesn’t even know there is a battle ........ the dog. 12.5 years isn’t all that old for a Toy Poodle, many live into their late teens and often longer. I adopted one when he was nearly 17 and he lived very happily and well for another three years. As you say the snapping and growling is something new, I’d be taking the veterinary investigations further.
  14. Help - senior dog becoming aggressive

    Horrible predicament to be in. You seem to have all the medical issues addressed so keeping everyone safe when you visit would now be the consideration. With one little dog, this is pretty easy. For his safety and that of the children, make sure he is in a separate room or confined somewhere. But it would need to be somewhere where he can see what is going on. There isn’t anything much more stressful for a dog who is used to being involved in everything to be suddenly shut away on his own. As for your parents’ ages ...... I am early 70s and have four elderly dogs myself, really elderly with the youngest being nearly 15 and oldest nearly 18, so don’t let your parents use age as an excuse to do nothing . It can be hard, I acknowledge, but eternal vigilance and all that. One of my dogs has a tendency to snap when I try to wipe his eyes so whereas before I would happily let the neighbour children surround us, sit on the ground and pat the dogs, I either avoid a gathering of them or if I can’t, I watch very very carefully and tell them not to touch his face. They are all old enough to understand.

    Ooooh. Sounding good. Looking forward to hearing about next drive