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  1. Hello Jack_E. Have you researched the Akita? The Japanese type are impressive.
  2. Very refreshing to see the Lagotto Romagnolo au natural, not froofed up as has become the habit.
  3. What a stunning pup....my heart stood still looking at her gorgeous face.
  4. The book, "What's Your Dog Telling You? By Martin McKenna.
  5. Thankyou Vehs and BC4ME, for the rake recommendation. I've ordered it online, after searching pet supplies shops to no avail.
  6. Noelle


    RIP my darling beautiful boy, your damaged mind now put to rest. I love you.
  7. A theory like that might be best kept to yourself then. If you don't want public comment why post it on a public forum? Forget your theory Donatella, I'm a grandmother and am dreading becoming a great grandmother, give me dogs and cats anyday, I do not like kids.
  8. My first thought on reading this, maybe she was bitten by a spider, so now associates the crate with that? Try placing the crate in a different spot, perhaps where she can see you all the time.
  9. I see these people with inappropriately off lead dogs every day. Not a care in the world, no idea what is going on around them and could not give a flying wazzoo. Poor pelican.
  10. No image, sorry. I could not transfer from My Documents to this site. The three Akitas loved the two British Blues, all used to snuggle together in front of the fire during winter. One Akita regularly cleaned the cats .
  11. Hope this image comes out, two of my Akitas with one of the cats
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