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  1. Sounds nice! When did you lose the Amy though Pie?? :laugh:
  2. We only have a few Clubs which offer Neuter classes in WA but they are always treated the same as the other classes Only 18/18a have been offered so far but that is fine as the majority of breeds only have 1 dog currently showing! I just get annoyed with people who say neuters should be allowed to show because they are inferior The majority of dogs currently being shown in WA were show Champions before they were neutered and there are quite a few BIG and Class in Group winners as well as at least one Grand Champion! If people don't want their rehomed, retired show dogs shown in neuter because they don't think they are good enough then get them changed to the limited register :)
  3. Beach sounds great - I really wont to take Jive to see how woosy she is there :laugh: I spent most of yesterday doing nothing I do like how the day we go back to work it cools down Course it is meant to be back to the high 30s by the weekend!
  4. Happy New Year everyone :D Seems like we are all recovering and not posting :laugh: NYE show was good fun :) I chatted briefly with several DOLers and even got to handle Zora (briefly) :) And to top it off Miss Anikka ended the year being run off for group and winning Junior in Group :) Pity my own dogs were losers although I still love them :D
  5. We have had 40C+ weather in Perth for the last several days and shows on Saturday, Sunday and Monday :) All shows at this time of the year are night shows anyway (except country shows) and the organising committee were very on the ball and delayed the start time to 7.30pm each night :) Made for a late finish but meant that the dogs didn't struggle The humans on the other hand still found it very muggy :laugh: Because we do night shows I doubt we would ever have a show cancelled, just delayed starts :)
  6. Same with Kelpies... crossbreds would far outnumber the purebreds
  7. Gorgeous! I would love to meet him at some stage :D
  8. Sorry to hear Whitka. May your next adventure be more successful :) Kyliedelonge, I will check that thread out :) Dinner peeps... Are we going to put it in the too hard basket? Go Mexican in Vic Park? Or???? Ptolemy, any news on Jaffa??
  9. Is there a post on FB about it? I have quite a few friend in that area I can share with. Hopefully she is found by now anyway though!
  10. Fast intervention is already well and truly past... I am kicking myself that I had to work and so couldn't take him in myself earlier this week even though he is Mum's dog but unfortunately I need money to pay the last run of vet bills :laugh: And at the end of the day he is nearly 10yo so they were probably trying to avoid doing any more than necessary in terms of sedation/anaesthetic.
  11. I don't know what to suggest as I don't go out very often And when I do it is around Midland which is good for RV and I but not sure about anyone else :laugh:
  12. Would you take a dog in for xrays to a vet clinic who had a parvo case in quarantine? One of our older Finnish Lapphunds has had a problem with a hind leg since Saturday. Lame with swelling below (and initially above for the first couple of days) his hock and hard swelling in the actual hock joint. My Mum took him to the vet on Tuesday but because she was away until then (celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary ) she didn't know the full story (he had been going from partially weight bearing to weight bearing over the three days) so the vet decided since he was weight bearing at that time it was probably a strain and put him on anti-inflammatory drugs with a note to bring him in for xrays if not better by the end of the week. Apparently they couldn't feel any swelling in the actual joint Since starting on the meds he is now not weight bearing at all The soft swelling has pretty well gone but if you compare the two hock joints the "injured" one is definitely bigger. So I rang this morning and booked him in for x-rays tomorrow. Except then my Mum got a call this afternoon saying they were cancelling because they had had a parvo case come in and they didn't want to take the risk with other dogs, even though that dog was quarantined. Our boy has been rebooked for Monday... I tried ringing the other local clinic but they are flat out and also have parvo around anyway. The receptionist said if the dog was fully vaccinated it isn't a risk. Now the dog in question hasn't been vaccinated for a few years as he has been a stay at home dog not show dog. In fact the last he would have been vaccinated would have been around 2007 or so which was the last time he competed interstate. We also have shows on Sunday with other dogs. So the question is what would you do? a) Leave it until Monday even though he hasn't been weight bearing on that leg for over 24 hours? b) Take the risk of getting the xrays done tomorrow? How much of a risk is it given there is probably often dogs who have had parvo at vet clinics? c) If we did get the xrays done tomorrow do we then take any of our dogs out on Sunday? Should we even go ourselves? d) Decide it is all too hard and go buy goldfish instead of dogs? I pretty well know which way I am going but am curious about what others would do :)
  13. I would disagree with that :p Just they do things all over the state where as we tend to have things more centralised as there isn't a big enough population to support non-localised services. 1.5 hours over East seems to be a "long" way yet I do that to work every day! The 20th is fine for me although if we go to Pancho's I would think we would need to book early as they get VERY busy. The other option is somewhere closer to Canning Vale? That may be more central if anyone wants to come from Rockingham/Mandurah way...
  14. Depends where we want to go and how many people I would think... If we have too many it might have to go after Christmas as a lot of places would be booked out for bigger groups. The weekend before Christmas is fine for me or midweek a lot of the time...
  15. I am a long way from Mandurah so no help sorry Prada :) I vote for a dinner without dogs and a beach meet up during the break between Christmas and New Year with dogs
  16. AUSTRALIAN Kelpie x German SHEPHERD? Maybe that is how they get Australian Shepherd
  17. My understanding is that there is also only one main register... the dogs competing in neuter classes are still on the same register (their number doesn't change) they are just listed as neuter :)
  18. Well done Definitely a great way to finish the year :D
  19. I know two dogs personally who have ended up with health issues after the heartworm vaccination (one with autoimmune issues and the other with chronic muscle issues). Maybe it wasn't caused by the injection in either case but it was too soon afterwards for both dogs for me to ever trust it again! Plus why pay the extra costs to give the injection if you are going to give the tablet anyway though?
  20. Can't help with the Advocate question but can answer the other one. We do not treat our dogs for fleas because they don't have any :) I got some Capstar for free one time from the vet and decided to give them that because I had heard it was good to kill any fleas currently on them (and you know it works due to their reaction... ie the fleas bite as they die!). Not a peep out of my guys so I decided they really must not have fleas :D I do not give my animals (or myself) any more chemicals than needed so they won't be treated again until there is evidence :) Saying that we currently live in quite rocky ground which is not conducive to fleas. When we lived in a more sandy area our dogs were affected more
  21. So sorry to hear the bad news RV Lots of (((hugs))) to you and Toby.
  22. I have heard a lot more snake sightings this year than previously RV, how is Toby this morning?
  23. Can't answer the first bit but we had semen analysis done at Applecross vet :)
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