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  1. Vets here cannot see pups until 5-6wks gestation because their machine is a dinosaur, looking to find a vet with a good machine who can successfully confirm a pregnancy (if she is pregnant) much earlier than 5wks. Bitch is 2 1/2wks from ovulation at the moment. TIA
  2. I would make sure stud owner has frozen semen in storage, but plan to send the bitch over there for natural matings until the breeder goes o/s, then just before breeder leaves (if bitch hasnt come in yet), get the frozen shipped over just in case the bitch came in season while stud owner was away. I have sent bitches over to WA a few times with good success, and will be having frozen sent over this year too. Good luck.
  3. I can take one, ill email Julie now. I'm in northern Vic but can drive down anywhere.
  4. Can you explain this for me? Orbee hasn't killed anything except his toys, but he tends to be what I refer to as a 'hoarder' in that when he takes his toys outside, he takes them to the same spot and puts them together. Do you mean it's a Terrier thing to NOT do this? Or is Orbit just.... um.... you know... Orbit isnt a terrier, lovey. A terrier would shred it, not lay it out Where i work there is 2 resident terrier's, very efficient ratter's, a quick shake and the animal is dead, the only give away is a small amount of slobber on the expired rodent.
  5. Truly sorry for you and your family DR, and your doggies. Such a tradgedy
  6. Can you put a clean pair of gloves on and insert a finger into the bitch yourself to check?? If not, and if you cant get the vet out now, i would just keep trying until she is finished. Good luck
  7. I cant stand people who say 'his' instead of 'he's', drives me nuts!
  8. My puppies all go for the same price regardless of the registration they are on. I put most of my puppies on Ltd initially and tell their owner's if they decide they wish to show and breed down the track they can come back to me to discuss upgrading the pup to Main register, on the condition the pup is show quality and passes health checks at 12mths of age (for no extra charge). I also sometimes give puppies away for free to people who have previously had one of mine or people who are willing to sign a contract allowing us to breed/show the dog if pup matures and is worth doing so (only if i r
  9. So far with all my litter's i have 'picked' pups whilst i am rubbing them to get them going and 90% of the time they are the ones i end up keeping and mature into lovely dogs.
  10. My Maremma smell's like a sheep which i love, but if you dont like shedding then... not a good idea None of my dogs (Bull Terriers and miniature Bullies) have a doggy smell, ive taken in rescue's who smell awful but after a couple of months they too have no real smell, must be their diet? My mum feeds her dogs Pal and pedigree and they stink something shocking
  11. I cant see anything either, i think you'd probably have to email Janet Davidson to have it deleted
  12. A few years ago i was driving along out of town and saw a little scruffy puppy running around on someone's driveway right next to the highway. So i stopped and grabbed it and drove down to the house, where i found the father was a purebred Boxer and the mother was a Maltese/Shih Tzu. My grandmother ended up feeling so sorry for it and having recently lost her Whippet she took it home, it grew up to look alot like a Griffon Bruxellois just twice the size (and really ugly!). it was 100% Boxer temperament and energy level though
  13. I hope when you get her re-done she has good results. I think they should be doing it again for free. I have no experience with hip xrays, all i can see is she really needed a crap
  14. I am on a dairy, so when i have pups, all i do is milk twice a day and dont do any extra work in between, only gone for a couple of hours each time, in that time i put bitch in crate or outside.
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