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  1. Interrogation By Breeder

    Gee you are coming across as very rude. If you had ever bred a litter you would know just how precious our babies are to us. Good breeders put their life and soul into their pups, it tears us apart having to sell them to strangers. But if you want your breed to go on then you have to breed and you have to sell. Just because you think you are a wonderful owner doesn't cut any ice with me. You have to prove you are good enough for one of my pups to get one. The mere fact you have bought pups before without having to answer any questions makes me wonder just how ethical those breeders were. I don't think the OP was being rude. Of course breeders should ask questions of the people buying their pups but I would find it really off-putting if a breeder asked me for photos of myself, what does that have to do with anything? I can understand wanting to see if there yard/home is suitable but personal photos of the buyer? And asking for their vet's number? I usually only ever see my vet once a year for vaccs, he wouldn't know anything about me apart from my dog's name. And before I got my dog, I wouldn't have had a vet for them to ring anyway as I'd never had a dog to take the the vet before. It's so over the top and weird, and as someone else said, it puts people off buying from breeders when they can just walk into a pet shop.
  2. Tell Me One Thing You Just Love About Your Dog!

    For fun Bad Huski! No fun for you! One thing I love about my dog... I always worried that he wouldn't be able to play well with my son because he is so full of energy. I thought for sure he would just knock him over all the time but it turns out that he is actually really gentle with him. And now that Hayden has learned how to throw a ball they are definitely going to be buddies :D
  3. Is This Even Legal?

    This labradoodle puppy farm is giving away a dog as a prize in a raffle on Facebook. Can they actually legally do this? Link
  4. Is This Even Legal?

    Thanks for that Danois. Hopefully they won't go ahead with it anyway now that it's gone from Facebook...
  5. Is This Even Legal?

    It seems to have disappeared for me now too. Hopefully that means Facebook has put a stop to it.
  6. Yes Or No To Grooming A Stray?

    Pot, kettle, black. Get over yourself. That's actually a forum rule. As everyone should know. Not quite a need for insults. If someone is unhappy with what another DOLer has posted, they can report it. As the rule states, it's not up to anyone else to try to moderate the thread. But since what Teebs posted was relevant to the discussion at the time I really don't think there is a rule being broken.
  7. Yes Or No To Grooming A Stray?

    Pot, kettle, black. Get over yourself.
  8. Rspca

    Things like this pop up on Facebook all the time and more often than not, they are proved to be untrue. I also searched for advertising for MPW from the last few years and didn't see this dog, or any dog even remotely resembling this dog, anywhere. There are plenty of reasons to dislike the RSPCA, but I will stick with things that I know are true rather than believing some random Facebook post.
  9. Isn't the 'cruelty' part of the forum part of the news section? This is not a news article so I don't think it would be relevant there either. The topic title makes it pretty clear that it's not going to be nice. As far as facebook goes, I delete those people from my facebook. I don't want to see it, it doesn't help anyone and it just upsets people. I won't hesitate to tell someone what I think if they post that crap either.
  10. Att Ckcs Breeders

    Just because they say they got them from a 'breeder' doesn't mean it was a registered breeder, or even a good breeder. I don't know many breeders who would sell two puppies to the same person at the same time.
  11. Can You Report Dangerous Cats?

    This. The cat can't be declared dangerous but it can be declared a nuisance. Why tell them to take it to the pound! The cat is not a stray etc. it's home is well known. How would you like it if someone trapped one of your animals and took it to the pound - and then having to rely in the pound to scan it etc and hope they're not full and don't PTS before you find it?? If there is an issue then contact the Council and they will deal with it. It is the responsibility of the cat owner to ensure their cat is confined to their property. Not in NSW it isn't. You cannot just steal the cat because it is a menace. That is not the way to deal with this. Maybe the people do not know or realise what the cat is doing. Cats don't just attack people normally so I would guess it has been traumatised in some way. Has anyone ever actually spoke to the people about this ? If not that seems the way to start or if everyone isn't brave enough or can't approach because of the cat a letter in their mailbox explaining the problem & that you all hope they will keep the cat indoors or accompany it if outside or you will have to contact the council. Give them a week to act & if they don't call the council & tell others to do the same. One call they may ignore, lots they won't. Legally, if the cat is outside of personal property boundaries or within your property property boundaries, you are legally entitled to "seize" the cat to the pound (or vet). You are not stealing the animal at this point. If you then choose keep the animal, then yes it is stealing. No, not in NSW, where the OP is. The cat is allowed to wander. HOWEVER this particular cat could be seized because of the attacking. Section 32 of the Companion Animals Act: You cannot allow your cat to wander into someone else's property, and it is perfectly acceptable and legal to hire a cat trap from the council to catch a cat that is on your own property . However, from the sounds of the OP it seems as thought the cat is just sitting in front of its own house? If that is the case then you can't just put a trap wherever you want and catch it. As far as I am aware you are only allowed to trap cats on your own property.
  12. Restraing Dogs On Utes

    I didn't say dogs, I said animals, and the most recent example I can think of is your recent purchasing and dumping of several different horses as if they were toys, because they weren't 'what you were looking for'. Not exactly what I would call responsible ownership. I could give more examples, and even go back and quote all your old posts for proof, but a) I can't be bothered and b) this thread has already been derailed enough but it might be worth thinking about next time you feel the need to comment on what other people do with their own pets.
  13. Restraing Dogs On Utes

    LM you were not asking a legitimate question, you were being judgemental and implying that Esky doesn't put her dog's well being first. And I said what I did because we have seen some very questionable posts from you in the past about the way you care for your animals.
  14. 1st World Dog Problems

    When your mum cleans out your water bowl and fills it with nice clean water, and after only one drink its already half empty and dirty because you just can't have a drink without standing in the bowl. And then mum gets mad when you walk through the house with wet feet. She just doesn't get it.
  15. 1st World Dog Problems

    OMG what a sweet little thing
  16. Restraing Dogs On Utes

    I've lived all over NSW, the ACT, Vic, Qld and the NT...and I do a lot of driving. I have a dual cab ute, but I also lack air conditioning. I prefer having my girl ride out back so she has some breeze. Plus on the way back from an event, like a sled race it's much easier to hose the tray and crate off than it is to remove the stink and mud from my seats. So not having to clean the interior of your vehicle takes priority over your dog? Um, I'm pretty sure Esky also said that she feels her dog is better off in the back since her car has no air con. And besides, I think you are the last person that should be berating others about how they care for their dogs.
  17. Worming

    We give ours the annual heartworm vaccination. No one has ever told us not to and we've never had a problem.
  18. Pet Barn Selling Dogs And Cats

    It has come to my attention recently that Pet Barn have started selling dogs and cats at some of their stores. They are supposedly all from animal shelters and sold desexed but does that make it ok? I think it is a bit disappointing, personally. I think they are encouraging impulse buying and they couldn't possibly be screening all their buyers adequately before sending the animal home. Here is the info on their website about it: http://www.petbarn.com.au/services/adoptions I'm not sure when they started doing this but I don't like it at all
  19. Pet Barn Selling Dogs And Cats

    I said it. Why isn't overnight "really long enough"? How long should one ponder about it? I love my dog to bits and i definately don't regret the decision i made that day. Stop assuming ALL people are ignorant fools when it comes to purchasing an animal. As for the RSPCA screening process, well thanks very much. They gave me a dog. I don't think ALL people are ignorant and I don't know where I said that. But I think there are a lot of people who are ignorant, who don't think hard enough about the responsibility of owning an animal and who just fall for the cute puppy in the window without stopping to think how its going to effect the next 10-15 years of their lives. You only have to look at the number of puppies being dumped at shelters every year to see that. As for my comments on the RSPCA screening process, I have seen it first hand. I mentioned this before, they gave my ex and I a kitten which they knew was a surprise gift for someone else. That person ended up being a fantastic owner for that kitten and as far as I know she still has him, but that doesn't mean it was ok to give it to us. I also know of other people who have adopted animals who probably shouldn't have been allowed to. My comments were not a personal attack on you or anyone else who has adopted from the RSPCA, I'm not really sure why you took it that way.
  20. Pet Barn Selling Dogs And Cats

    But what if they are going to a home where they won't be looked after properly, won't be treated well or will be dumped again later because the people who purchased it didn't think about what they would do with the dog when they went on holidays or had a baby? Those are the results of impulse buying in many cases and I honestly don't believe that potential owners are being properly screened to avoid these things, when they are being sold from a pet shop.
  21. Pet Barn Selling Dogs And Cats

    Isn't it a bit risky allowing everyone to play with unvaccinated kittens? Genuine question, I really don't know how risky it is but how would you know that the people coming in weren't going to pass on some disease from their pets at home? Also don't most pet barns allow people to bring their dogs in to the store? That would be even more of a risk wouldn't it?
  22. Pet Barn Selling Dogs And Cats

    Impulse buying might sometimes happen in shelters. But as most shelters are not situated in shopping centres they probably don't get as many people coming through 'just to have a look' as you would get in a pet shop. I can't remember who said it but an earlier poster mentioned that they were made to wait overnight before decided to purchase from a shelter. Call me pedantic but I don't think overnight is really long enough, especially if you've just walked into a pet shop at random with no previous intention of buying an animal. And as I have said before, I have had first hand experience of the so called 'screening process' at our local RSPCA and I can't say it was particularly impressive. Anyway, the way pet barn is doing things might be different but the fact that they still haven't responded to my email asking about their screening process does not fill me with confidence.
  23. Pet Barn Selling Dogs And Cats

    If they are in fact checking everyone properly and ensuring that no animal goes to an unsuitable home, then I would probably be mostly ok with it. But like I said earlier I have seen first hand that some RSPCA shelters don't check at all so I would not be surprised if the animals were being sold to impulse buyers without a second thought.
  24. Pet Barn Selling Dogs And Cats

    To me, the difference is that if someone goes out of their way to go to a shelter they probably already decided they want a new pet and have probably put at least a little bit of thought into it. If they are being sold by a pet shop there is more chance that someone has gone in there with no intention of buying a pet and gets sucked in by some cute puppy or kitten and makes an impulse decision to buy it. I also think that a pet store is a much more stressful environment than a shelter, especially if the store has a lot of customers.
  25. Pet Barn Selling Dogs And Cats

    I sent them an email earlier. Still waiting to hear back, I expect it won't be until tomorrow at least. I'm still not sold on it though.