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  1. Litters Due December 2015 bel - Shih Tzu due 10th born 6th 6 boys 2 girls bridgie_cat Shetland Sheepdogs born 16th 1 boy 1 girl alpha bet - Aussie Shepherds due 24th Indigirl - Italian Greyhounds due 31st
  2. it is indeed Hoping my little Black and Tan boy turns out have wanted this boy for the longest time Congratulations on your 6 girls well done hoping they are all thriving
  3. We lost two little boys so just the two remaining now congrats to all those with their litters
  4. Our little ones came 5 days early 5 boys ( 1 was stillborn) have one little one struggling a bit
  5. Litters Due October 2015 Sayreovi -Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever due 3 October
  6. hopefully a Ruby litter due 20th ish Sept
  7. woohoo congrats :) Thanks Monteba, still impatiently waiting for the bubbies to arrive. I'm not sure if I am very excited or scared witless :) !!! Not long to go now :D
  8. My Cavalier Monteba Quantum Leap (otherwise known as Adam ) gained his ET on 28th June :D very proud of my boy
  9. My girl is getting quite pudgy ( I dont do xrays or ultrasounds as a general rule) so getting excited for little ones here as well
  10. I know of a place in Yass that is open to rent with the option to buy if you were interested owner is fine with indoor dogs etc
  11. have added them The Spotted Devil :)
  12. Congratulations on your 7 babies
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