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  1. Apologies for not being around have had a few illnesses in the family & cancer scares going on with my husband and I I find my results this week DH starts his discoveries next week Congratulations on all your babies 14 wow that is a lot :)
  2. we were the same Gretel expecting two litters and both missed
  3. Congratulations that is awesome :D
  4. Litters Due January 2015 Evolving - Finnish Lapphund - due 2nd added to December thread as they couldnt wait :D alpha bet - Australian Shepherds born 1st 3 girls 1 boy Trisven13 - Basset Fauve de Bretagne due 5th -8th born 4th 3 girls 4 boys LovesPoodles - Standard Poodle due 10th born 10th 1 girl 7 boys SLF - Kelpies due 12th born 16th 3 girls 5 boys LizT - Cavalier King Charles Spaniels due 26th born 19 ? 1 boy tommyspazz - German Shepherds due 27th born 26th 2 girls 3 boys
  5. Juddabug added yours to the Oct thread congratulations to you and to Asalei
  6. Litters Due December 2014 Bjelkier - Samoyed due 21st born 21st 4 girls 3 boys Evolving - Finnish Lapphund - due 2nd Jan born 31st Dec 4 girls 3 boys
  7. wow to all of you congratulations have updated the OP
  8. day 58 today for you bel each day closer is a good thing
  9. fingers crossed all keeps improving bel
  10. Litters Due November 2014 Juddabug - Whippets due 1st November born Oct Asalei - Beagles due 2nd November born 6th 2 girls 5 boys ruthjones - Cocker Spaniel - born 8th 4 girls 1 boy Mjosa - French Bulldog due 16th November Skyehaven - Flat Coated Retriever due 26th November born 25th 7 girls 6 boys
  11. I never ultrasound see no reason to do so wait a week or so and you will know if she is pregnant I palpate my bitches at about 28 days myself to get an approx number
  12. good to have someone else bel :) Good luck everyone
  13. Litters Due October 2014 valleygirl - Anatolian Shepherd 8th Oct born 7th 3woofs - Amstaff born 16th 1 boy Juddabug - Whippets due 1st November - born 30th Oct 1 girl 5 boys
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