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  1. Mine was about $8 from KMart or BigW or somewhere like that.
  2. Not really, the rubber bristles are too thick and not close enough together. I don't think their purpose is to sweep up sand and dust. Works a treat on carpets wih dog hair though
  3. If you are only gone for two hours a day, make sure you have exercised well and fed your dog before you go out, and lock it in the laundry or bathroom for the two hours until you can get a dog run or fence your yard.
  4. I was interested to know what a Pumi was so googled ..... Very cute, and very high maintenance! One photo looked like a Koala crossed with a poodle
  5. MOnday is a public holiday so I doubt there will be training (our club is having a holiday!)
  6. Not sure what advert that would be useful for, but that's a damn good trick Toilet tissue of course! (Just in case there is a follow through )
  7. He will be fine, just like the rest of our dogs are fine when they get to stay home all day without us. ;) If I end up taking a new job offer, mine will be at home 10 or more hours a day on their own, instead of the current 9 hours. I don't think they will notice as much as I will! ooh what's the new job? :rolleyes: All will be revealed in good time :D
  8. He will be fine, just like the rest of our dogs are fine when they get to stay home all day without us. If I end up taking a new job offer, mine will be at home 10 or more hours a day on their own, instead of the current 9 hours. I don't think they will notice as much as I will!
  9. How much is the class? Hers is one I might consider for a future puppy, but definitely won't be doing another vet run one. $120 for 5 weeks and that included a fantastic 'gift bag' with really useful things. The classes are an hour long but Carolyn avails herself for as long as needed. I was often leaving at 10.30am after having arrived at 8.45am for a 9-10 class. She is very mindful of all the dogs and and really, I can't say a bad thing about her! I also attended the Vet puppy classes and paid $80 for four 1 hour classes. It wasn't a free-for-all but not as controlled, and not as good information as Carolyn's class. Can't speak highly enough of Carolyn's classes and can't emphasise the 8 to 12 week socialisation period enough - as if you can't tell eta - Carolyn's classes are held in her back yard - tunnel, lawn mower, chooks, horses, paddling pool etc. Vet classes were held in vet reception area.
  10. That is what is so good about Carolyn's classes at Train A Pup Time. We had two teeny tiny little fluffy white puppies in our class, along with a PugX, a BorderX and another Goldie. From memory, Paddy was the only one who would play with the little fluffies but it certainly wasn't a free-for-all. The other thing to keep in mind is the 8 to 12 week period is the BEST time to get them socialised. I am sure the reason we have a lot of DA dogs are because they aren't socialised at all when young, or miss out completely in that 4 week window.
  11. Puppy classes are good for socialisation and the trainer will train you on how you train your dog. (Train the Trainer!)
  12. My class was Sunday mornings but she does lots of other classes as well. I just find I get a bit irritated with some of the advice thrown out there at these things, so would rather avoid it I had to shut my mouth and bite my tongue many times because so much I already knew, or as was the case at the vet classes, I disagreed with so much! However, I kept going because it was good socialisation for the puppy and that was my main priority at the time. I could have read a book for the info part, but the puppy doesn't gain much from that.
  13. It is 5 weeks. And I think you should make the trek! It took me 30 minutes each way, but if you got on the Highways, you could do it in 45 minutes I reckon. Especially because it's non peak hour on weekends. Seriously, she is worth the trip. And I would still recommend puppy classes to anyone even if you have another dog (I had one already obviously) but there's different tips and bits and pieces of info you pick up, plus it is hard to find public places that would be safe for an unvaccinated puppy to be socialised.
  14. Glad you had some influence over your sister RS! She will be able to help spread the word also! eta - Paddy slept through from the third night on. (I should say I didn't wake up from the third night on, and neither did he )
  15. Yep, a tad far for you Between 8 and 12 weeks is the most critical socialation period so I would recommend to get booked in for one as soon as know when you are getting a puppy. I went to 2 classes, we started one of them the same day I picked my puppy up! The breeders weren't altogether happy about that because it was at our local vets (and they were concerend about the puppy picking something up) however I was happy with the risk factor, knowing the socialisation is so important.
  16. I'm surprised their pup was "cheaper", BYB's usually charge as much as registered ones! And the main reason they go for a BYB is cos they can get one now and don't get screened. Each to their own, eh? That is most of the dog owning population! At our local park, where there are sometimes up to 20 dogs there at any one time, I could count on one hand who bought their dogs from registered breeders. It's quite sad and I don't see it changing any time soon.
  17. Hi Jodie, welcome! It is a tad strange having to be so careful about what to put in an email to a breeder, especially when you have read some of the threads here! The cost of a dog should be no different to any other question you ask, it's actually quite important I think. I was at training the other night where a 6 month old Rotti was playing with my 6 month old. The owner asked how much I had paid for my puppy and when I said $1100, she said that's why they went to a BYB to get their puppy. I started to tell her all my other dogs had had variaous health problems and this one was hopefully less likely to but she wasn't interested. People can either afford a properly bred dog or they can't. No point in wasting anyone's time. Hope you find a nice breeder soon and can start having fun with your pup. Are you SOR, or NOR? There's a great puppy school SOR (Armadale way) that beats everyhitng else around. www.trainapuptime.com Look forward to seeing photos when you get pup!
  18. How far north of the river? I only know Cloverdale - which is not NOR I know, but you might travel if you couldn't find anything else. eta, I meant to add that Cloverdale do training on Monday nights.
  19. My pup had 6 week and 10 week shots only, and he will have a booster at 12 months, then 3 yearly after that unless I decide to titre test them. When only giving two vax, you need to have a particular vax (so I was told by the vet). So if your pup has already had 2 vax without discussion with the vet about not doing anymore, I would say you will need the third booster. Talk to your vet first before you decide anything anyway.
  20. It must be quite serious because they have been telling everyone who phoned them today that they are not taking any general enquiries, only talking to those with power out issues! Hope it's back on for you soon mirawee.
  21. I think you are allowed to cut anything from your neighbours trees, if it is hanging over your side of the fence. Same thing would go for a palm tree with a bunch of berries .... if it was about to drop, you can have it cut out yourself. But only what hangs over your side of the fence.
  22. I went to training last night and it was SO humid, I went home with my clothes drenched Paddles didn't perform too well either, think it was just too hot to train. I saw the damage the storm did on TV Mason! Was a ripper! Glad we didn't end up with any of that action!
  23. I think they have storms down Armadale way at the moment CC, so if you are spooked by the storms, maybe best to stay home. eta - storm warning for down that way is still current.
  24. Saw on the news the storm in Ellenbrook and eastern suburbs! Wow! Apparently 25,000 homes in the east metro area are without power. I am without rain, not a drop came this way
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