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  1. That all sounds about right Roxy. And the small weekly fee where I go is only $2 per week so yours wouldn't be too different I don't think. I swear most poeple don't even pay it because they all park at the opposite end of the grounds where the class is held and don;t even venture towards the clubroom.
  2. This is exactly what I would have written Bub (unless the tense up is seen as resource guarding), and you already know that Bubby will definitley let Bitty steal his food!
  3. Bub, she is resource guarding. Paddy as you know does it a lot. In fact both my dogs will resource guard their bones against the cats! They can not even walk past the dogs without get barked or growled at. You have done the right thing by giving high value treats when you go near Bitty when she has a bone or whatever. I also think it's genetic in most instances. Paddy has done it from a VERY early age. I never leave my dogs alone with bones now, not like I used to with other dogs.
  4. That's great to hear Loraine, I bet Zedley is feeling better too!
  5. My young dog (very fit and lean) pants for ages after being exercised ..... some dogs just do. I reckon the dog in question has been fence running while everyone was at the school drop off.
  6. You read the original post well didn't you? My thoughts also ....
  7. People like that should be banned form ever owning animals ever again. Imagine the life the baby is likely to have Why was the case heard in Oamaru if she lived in Southland? Weird.
  8. There are plenty of good vets in Perth, just depends on where you live and how far you will travel! Subiaco Vet is great, as is Applecross Vet .... both have had a good rap on this forum. I go to Vic Park Vet .because it's close .... Ascot Vet is also popular.
  9. Some people are just so blase about pet ownership. Sadly there's too many people like that out there.
  10. GR I gave him a 25mg tablet. In the middle of the night I am frustrated, desperate and drugged myself. Showed them ot his vet and she was not concerned. I really don't like drugging dogs, but it was way better than choking him into silence. He tries to headbut his way through the windows which are 40 years old and thin. He could kill himself, before I got a chance to do it for him. I do understand your frustratation, I really do! I was perhaps concerned that maybe you had given him a couple as per instructions on the packet If it works, then great! When I take 1/2 tablet, I wake feeling drowsy until mid morning, like a hangover. How has Zedley been today? I do hope you can both get some good night sleep. Maybe the sleeping pills will help break him of any habit it might have become?
  11. Loraine, Sleep Right is Doxilamine Succinate if I remember correctly, which is a muscle relaxant ..... how much did you give? I only ever recommend a 1/4 of a tablet for humans to start with even though the packet says to take one or two tablets! They are VERY strong tablets!
  12. Oh he definitely needs a big fat sleeping pill then! ;)
  13. Have you tried leaving a light on for him? eg in the conservatory with the main light on? I just wonder if something like night blindness may be affecting his confidence or stressing him out perhaps? Edit - does he insist on being in the same room as you? Would it help if the light was left on in your bedroom? Even a dimmer light perhaps?
  14. That sounds great! Lots of exercise and happy puppy = happy families Good on them!!
  15. One of my Goldies is just 6 months old also, and I wouldn't be mucking around too much with food until he is about 12 months old. He gets dry food as well as a chicken frame. Once he is over 12 months he will get more of a prey model diet with some kibble still. That's as much for my convenience as it is for the dog's health! Take note of all the suggestions and ideas here, and do the ones you are happy with. It will be trial and error to see what works for you and your dog anyway. Re bathing, my dogs are lucky to get 2 baths a year! They swim every weekend in summer, either the river or the beach and in winter they will paddle rather than swim. Good regular brushing is all they need. I also use a Mars Coat King Rake (#18) on my older Goldie because he has such a thick coat and moults all year round (typical for an inside dog I believe), the Mars rake is great for thinning out the coat although I suspect your puppy's coat would not need this at 6 months old. Something else I am just starting to do which you may like to consider, is using Protexin (a probiotic) daily. My pup tends to have loose stools a lot regardless of what I feed him and he scratches a little bit. I am trying to boost his immune system now while he is young and am hoping this probiotic will make a difference!
  16. It sounds like he will be fine inside (better inside than out in fact). I have found foster dogs to stay close to you in the first few weeks because they aren't sure of what is happening and see you as the leader who seems to know what is going on! You are providing food, shelter and companionship while the dog is a little 'insecure' so it's natural they stick close to you. (Once they find their confidence, things change ) I have owned two dogs with SA, both came from pounds, both were happier to be left inside than out
  17. ST, Spartan sounds like such a troublemaker! I would be putting a padlock on the pantry and the fridge! He is worse than my Dougal with food! (Dougal is a true scavenger whereas it seems like Spartan prefers human food prior to it's useby date! )
  18. Depends on how big the actual carcasses are. If they are large ones, I would just give one each per meal, but cut the fat off the one for the smaller dog who you think is overweight. (Roast pumpkin pieces added to each meal is a great filler but has no calorific value to the dog, so a good way of dropping weight). If the carcasses are smaller, then one to the smaller dog and two to the larger dog. I pretty much have always given one large one to each dog per meal (30kg and the younger one is about 20kg but still a pup). The older dog gets Bonnie Light for his dry food as he has a tendency to put on weight easily, maybe you could look at something like that for your lab? Yoghurt just needs to be plain but if you only have flavoured, then that is fine (the sugars are of no use to the dogs though). Mine get it a couple of times a week. Sometimes I forget to buy it so they don't get it for a few weeks. It isn't essential but worth a try to see if your dogs benefit.
  19. Oh mirawee! Did you run over a chinaman lately? :p for you, the year will just get better and better
  20. You crack me up!! Will see if I can organise myself to take some pics tomorrow too
  21. Is this the right site C? Sells lots of meds! No collars I can find! Yes, go HERE ..... it's not a well set out site and they don't have the full range but they do have collars and leads!
  22. I really like that one Clover, I think I might have to get it as well! Although I will say one of mine has such long hair, you can never see his collar anyway!
  23. Bub, most dog owner's here like buying nice collars for their dogs
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