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  1. No need to go to PM. I probably gave a false impression with using the word ‘fought’. The history, and I don’t have the dates in front of me, involved the introduction of the Jumping Classes in Agility. We moved from 3 classes in Agility to 6 classes representing Agility and Jumping. Then was the progression to four classes in Agility and Jumping. Therefore what was just Agility went from 3 classes to 8 classes. The Show Ring wanted to introduce the Open Neuter Class for the Royal. The RASNT were already coming to grips with the extra classes in the Trial ring and declined the suggestion for a couple of years. Once the Trial Ring settled into their new classes we were able to socialise the idea again, based on the support throughout the NT, and were successful. Given the very small numbers we have, and the extra effort we make to ensure the Show and Trial rings can survive side-by-side, we have been happy with the outcome. Now we have commenced ideas on how we can introduce Rally-O. It has already been two years without success, but we continue to talk about how it may happen. A Royal is a balancing act with keeping exhibitors, the general public, sponsors, and particularly the RAS, happy.
  2. We had to fight for the Darwin Royal to have Class 18/18A. The timing of the Neuter classes was about the same time as the Trial classes went from three levels to four. Thankfully, even with our low entry numbers, Neuters were already supported throughout the NT. I really take my hat off to the affiliates that were already supporting the class, and continue to do so. It helped that we had several sponsors willing to support the Class. In the beginning there were no points or Championship to aspire to. As a steward I have also heard Judges lament 'what a lovely specimen', however they understand there are many reasons why one of our furfamily needs to be desexed. I am particularly pleased to see how many of our experienced exhibitors go on to show their desexed dogs alongside their entires. Despite our low numbers I have seen some stunning dogs in the Neuter class. The Royals are our best opportunity to demonstrate the dog fancy to the general public. At the very least the Open Neuter class should be offered.
  3. 2004 we were delighted to host Glenyse at the Royal Darwin Show. Charming, accommodating and so easy to get along with. Rest peacefully lovely lady
  4. More details to be added as they are confirmed. Darwin Royal details - we are delighted to announce the 2013 judges will be in the Trial ring Mr Laurie Knauth from Queensland, and in the Show ring Mrs Marie Merchant from South Australia. I am looking forward to an enjoyable year :)
  5. Congrats to Coco and Melly. It was a popular win. One very happy owner/breeder/handler combo out there.
  6. Everything that MM said, but elaborating on a couple of the "do's and don'ts" and ring etiquette: ** going around slower moving dogs ** not running up the back of other dogs ** stacking in a line-up leaving space ** listening to stewards and acknowledging calls The only other thing I would add for newbies: they often like people to explain how to read a schedule and complete an entry form. Not within the scope of the original question, however having another person along to deal with this information would also be useful.
  7. darwinroyal


    Hugs Cin Atlas, may your rest be peaceful
  8. An enjoyable night with the Gundog folk this evening. The social BBQ afterwards is always a highlight. Yes, still Royal paperwork to complete and proofread, but tonight was a chance to play hookey. I sat down and caught up with my favourite person. Great job Meghann, thank you :)
  9. Basil – the no frills, low maintenance dog. Truly he could have been the poster boy for why you buy a purebred puppy from a reputable breeder. Never one for playing games. Indeed we always thought he was a ‘broken Beagle’ because he never tried to be a Houndini. However, the evening ritual of prancing around at dinner time was a joy. His daily homage to the food bowl, even on his last evening, was hilarious. Meghann’s decision was not an easy one. Our thanks to the staff at Parap Veterinary Hospital. The journey from consultation to diagnosis to farewell was all conducted with her knowledge and consideration taken into account. There is a special place in Darwin where our pets can rest peacefully. The evening ceremony was the right mix of poignant poems, funny stories and good memories. Basil is now resting there with our Cairn Terrier, Duffy.
  10. I was talking with Erica just this week. During the conversation she was also talking to Bonnie, who was carefully negotiating her way through the house to the door. Every day with the old ones is special May your rest be peaceful Bonnie. It was a pleasure to have met you.
  11. Many thanks -Megz- for providing details. As indicated the circuit website has been updated. With luck the Royal website will be updated over the weekend. The circuit website has wider exposure and was given priority. Work commitments over the weekend will be the only thing holding up the royal update. Regretfully North of the Harbour were not able to offer us an international judge for 2012. Given the conversation I had with a former Darwin Royal judge in Alice Springs last year it seemed a fabulous, and timely, opportunity to look on our own shores again. Mr Burt has been incredibly patient. A short timeframe, contract going astray, his international commitments, and finally now being able to confirm the details. His appointment was appropriate on many levels. It is with great delight we will be welcoming Andrew Burt to the Darwin Royal in 2012 :)
  12. Breeder / Owner / Handler - WTG Leanne and Team Congrats to all those represented throughout.
  13. DOGS NT sell the 3 to a page blank forms as well as fully completed forms(all you have to do is fill in the show details and sign it). If your state doesn't offer these, email [email protected] and we would be only too happy to help. Graham Last time I spoke to our wonderful person she was rather busy. Hope she realises you are offering her services nation-wide ;)
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