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  1. Don't have many plans this year and none of last years completed due to Jovi having 7-8 months off for puppies ???? Jovi ADM JDM Maybe attempt a retrieving trial My plans aren't big due to raising littermates, they are currently 15 weeks old and just enjoying being puppies at the moment.
  2. I'd love to have made a profit or even come close to breaking even, bred my first litter and the below is just the basic bigger expenses so far just relating to this breeding and not the thousands I've spent trialling and health testing my bitch to prove she should be bred and they are only 2 weeks old. Collection and shipment of semen $500 Several prog tests and AI $500 Emergency c-section on a public holiday after hours $2300 Stud fee $2500 My girl had 2 pups, both boys. I wanted a girl to continue the line but I am going to be poor anyway so keeping a pup regardless. Toller pups are around $2500, so I have one pup to cover all my expenses ???? Safe to say I am running at a loss and I will happily slap the next person who asks me how much money I am making!
  3. Guess I am the only October! Expecting our very first litter of little Tollers on Saturday ???? Looking forward to it, it's been a very long time coming!
  4. That no matter what life throws at you, your dogs will always be there when no one else is or cares. Ohh and the hair thing, no such thing as hair free anything now.
  5. thanks, I can only agree with you there. :laugh: Isn't it a buzz to see your own dogs in full flight like that, and yes the sighthounds are pretty awe inspiring. I never tire of watching them run. I could watch them all day. I couldn't help but laugh at my little girl, she was very proud to have "caught" the lure and was bringing it all the way back to me minus it being attached to the rope lol I reckon I could watch them all day as well, I would love to have seen a Saluki there or an Afghan would have been pretty awesome as well.
  6. She looked adorable and that's the main thing, I've never seen either whippets or iggies really stretch out, so it was awesome to see them all :D
  7. Just had a look and didn't realise they are up! Do you sell them? I would love to get some and they are such awesome quality! I loved the whippets, they were so damn quick and yes I saw your little girl. She was so cute, loved how she went up for cuddles while you were trying to take pictures of her running lol
  8. Was an awesome day! We all had a great time :D Some great photos there, can't wait to see them all :) Of course I am bias but I especially love the photos of my two Tollers. Do you mind if I post them on Facebook?
  9. Whippets and whippet mixes are some of the most popular flyball breeds :) Do a youtube search for whippet flyball and you'll see thousands of great videos! Okay I stand corrected. I don't do flyball. :) In Australia they aren't popular, so it's a safe assumption to make but overseas they are bred for flyball and quite rightly are the fastest dogs running and sometimes are mixed with Borders as well :)
  10. get your entry in soon then, it's pre entry, not on the day. Yep, just did the online entry and payment :D I swear, with the noise they make they aren't in pain, they are just really excited lol
  11. Looks like great fun, I will be there with my two feral Tollers. I apologise in advance the noise they make :)
  12. Or a Toller or Sussex spaniel; Many breeds would suit you;keep in mind temperament can vary in any litter and a breeder will be able to advise which pup would best suit your situation.Also look forward to hearing about what breed you choose...Best wishes to you. As much as I love my Tollers, I wouldn't recommend them as a breed for as a first time dog owner with 4 young children. They can be pretty full on pups and if you wouldn't consider a Border Collie in this situation I wouldn't look at a Toller. They are very similar in exercise levels, intelligence and coat care. While some may fit perfectly, I would say it's an individual dog thing rather than a breed thing and I personally as a breeder wouldn't do it :)
  13. Does anyone here have an excess dog permit with the South Gippsland Shire? If so can you please tell me was it hard to get and what the process was? I know it varies between each shire, so hoping someone has had personal experience otherwise I will just have to wait to call them on Tuesday :)
  14. Mine are pretty vocal as well. Two of them erupt into these long mournful creepy howls occasionally which pretty of putting when you aren't expecting it in the middle of the night but it is the only time I've ever heard them howl :) They do it more after a big exciting day as well lol
  15. I love seeing old dogs out and about (when they aren't in obvious pain of course) I take my 12 year old on walks by himself as he can't go as far as the other two and he adores it, prances along having a wonderful time sniffing. Only now though is he really starting to look old, going a bit grey in the face, still hears and sees well but is looking his age now.....though he never ever acts it!
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