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  1. Hi, it can be a long wait sometimes. Contact the Irish Wolfhound club's puppy referral person, http://www.irishwolfhound.org.au/iwcnsw/ and they may be able to send you a list of breeders to contact. Also the breeders listed on the Dogsonline breed page. Not many older wolfhounds come up for adoption or rescue. If you can begin with a good introductory email or phone call, outlining your interest in the breed, your living arrangements, dog owning experience ect. You can begin to have breeders get to know you and vice a versa. People who stay in touch, ask thoughtful questions about the breed and spend the waiting time researching the breed, are more likely to be considered when a litter is born. fifi Thanks fifi for all the information. Have a few years yet before I can even look at getting a wolfie but I have heard it can take that long. And will definately be buying from a registered breeder.
  2. Hi, Was just wondering how long is a wait for a puppy or even a dog that is a bit older.
  3. Thanks for all the replies to my question. Will be keeping an eye on this thread as would love to own and foster greyhounds one day. Amanda.
  4. Hi Rebanne. You know how you stress about never letting them off lead unless in a secure area. How would greyhounds go in a farm situation. If they had rabbits etc to chase would they run off and not come back or if trained would they come back but only once the rabbit was gone? And it is different if they have never been racing dogs and you have trained them since a pup. Thanks Amanda.
  5. Hi Ruthless, One of my dogs did exactly the same to our crate, when I had the other one out training. We fixed it by zippy tying oyster mesh around the bottom of the crate door so she couldn't put her teeth in the gaps. I know it doesn't help the behavioural problem but if it happens again Chopper can't hurt his mouth. I think we only had to do the door. Our dog never tried ripping at the crate like that at any other part. I'm glad Chopper didn't hurt himself too bad. Amanda.
  6. Thanks for all the good ideas. He does like coming inside just to be near people, so I will make him up something tomorrow. He seems quite happy now so I am glad we bought him home.
  7. We took Boafhead to the vet this afternoon, and the vet checked him over and he said everything was related to old age. The lumps behind his head were just bone, , which he said he has just loss some muscle mass, which is why it is more prominent now. He is going back next week to get his teeth done, and he also got a quaterzone injections to make him feel a bit better. As the vet said he probably doesn't have long but he is healthy enough. I just have one more question, what do people do with dogs that have loss bladder control if you want them inside sometimes. As I have said before he is inside during the day, but he pretty much comes in and lays down, so I thought if I could get him something he can lay on that would be comfortable and that I could wash. Thanks for any suggestions. Amanda.
  8. Unfortunately we don't have any wolfies yet. They are definately going to be our next dog. At the moment we have a wolfie x, she has the attitude but she is about the size of a cattle dog. In regards to Boafhead he is already a bit more settled and ate everything last night. Hopefully when we take him to the vet this afternoon the news isn't too bad.
  9. Besides the peeing problem, Boafhead's behaviour has not really changed that much and I don't think at work they would notice him trying to pee all the time. I've only noticed it because at the moment I am at home all the time and I take more notice I think of dogs behaviour than most people. And when I said he has lost weight I made them cut back his food originally because he was a bit overweight and at the moment he is probably not even underweight but he has lost some lately, enough to notice anyway after not seeing him for a month or two. And I have only noticed the loss of bladder control as he is allowed inside until I go to bed and he has been leaving puddles on the floor. I know he should of probably been taken to the vet earlier but I don't think they thought anything was wrong as I had to point out the peeing problem to my husband and he has always had is yearly check up. Amanda.
  10. Thanks guys for your responses. It does give me more confidence to keep him here. My dogs are fine with him as they both have been to my husbands work through the day over the last three years. They have shown signs that they are boss here, where as at work it was never an issue. But Boafhead doesn't care and just does his own thing. I noticed last night the must have lost some control of his bladder but I have booked him into the vet on Thursday and hopefully I can find out how bad he is medically. On top of all this he is going slightly blind but he seems to be finding his way around ok for now. I think it is mainly night blindness.
  11. We were thinking along them lines too, but he has been a bit stressed and we don't want to make him worse. But he does seem a bit calmer today.
  12. Hi all, Just need some advice regarding a dog at my husband's work. His name is Boafhead and was rescued as a rotti x when he was about 18 months old to be a guard dog back in 1996. Since then he has lived at my husbands work. My husband started working there about 3 years ago and when we first arrived he was not in good condition. But we made some changes to his diet and started taking him for walks and my husband also takes our dogs to work which seemed to make him better. Until the last couple of months I noticed he started losing weight. Anyway our plan all along was eventually bring him home to our house and let him retire. We are finally in a situation where we are comfortable to do that but hadn't yet, but because of the cyclone warning we brought him to our house. Since he has been here he has gone off his food slightly and he looks like he is constantly trying to go to the toilet (wee) but not alot or nothing comes out. He is also been drinking alot of water. Also he has big lump in the gland behind his ear. We are going to take him to the vet and realise it is not probably not going to be good news, but what I really wanted advice on is what do people think about the trying to wee all the time and whether it would be better for him to live at our home or stay at my husbands work for his final days. Sorry if the post is a bit long but I wanted to tell people his history as we don't want to add to his health demise by stressing him out. Thanks Amanda.
  13. Hi Chloebear, I taught my dogs to stay by similar methods as stated above. The only thing that I was taught different was when telling your dog to stay always step off with your right leg when they are in the heel position as they are less likely to follow you and eventually they will read that body language. Hope that makes sense. Amanda.
  14. When i was up at one of the obedience clubs in Cairns a couple of years ago, they bought one as something else the dogs to play with. If this is the same one you could set how far and how often the ball would come out of the chute and you could either put a few balls in or just keep putting the same ball in. I thought it looked like a good toy and it was pretty easy to teach the dog to bring the ball back and put it in as the top was open. I know they did send it back at one stage though because it did have a problem with it but if it came with a warranty I reckon it would be a good investment.
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