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  1. Dog Park

    The sniffing was probably a sign of stress. And you have already picked up that he became aggressive because he was scared- well done. Some dogs dont like dog parks- just like some humans dont like noisy concerts or busy shopping centres. That is perfectly ok. I dont think dogs need to go to dog parks, particularly if they dont enjoy them!! My dogs don't really enjoy the company of strange dogs so we may go to areas where dogs are allowed off leash, but have enough space to avoid other dogs. As soon as other dogs approach then its time for us to leave. Listen to what your pup is telling you and skip the dog park.
  2. Arthritis

    Look into Canine rehabilitation for a multimodal approach. I have a large amount of information on my website to help give you options and I will be in Adelaide next weekend. https://www.primalpaws.com/conditions-treated-1/
  3. Canine Nutritionist

    My suggestion would be an online consult with the Veterinary Nutritionist at Massey University. Using this service will result in you reliably meeting your dogs nutritional needs. https://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/learning/colleges/college-of-sciences/clinics-and-services/veterinary-teaching-hospital/vet-referrals/vet-referrals_home.cfm
  4. Hidden Fence containment

    In many states it is illegal to use a hidden fence without a solid fence as well to contain dogs. Mush safer to use a pen with a roof!!
  5. Puppies front paw knuckling over

    There are vets interested in rehab and this pup is a great candidate so have a look around. In the mean time short low intensity on lead walks on LOTs of different surfaces Inc;using soft squishy cushions and soft grass to help build muscles that support the joint.
  6. Quality of life!! Teeth that need to be taken out are teeth that are causing pain. I do not believe it is ethical to allow dogs of any age to live with potential tooth root abscess and bone infection. I have successfully anaesthetised a 22yr old Westie Mix for a dental where we extracted 6 teeth. The dog was still kicking along beautifully 6mths later when I left the practice. I would discuss getting bloods run to see if there is a reason for the weight issue and make a decision based on the results rather than making the decision based on age. She could potentially live another 9 years and she won't be getting younger. Age itself is not a disease.
  7. Hair spray is one option- cheap nasty stuff that ends up being tacky. Another pricey and probably better option is a product called pawfriction.
  8. brown lump

    Visual identification of lumps in dogs is not as accurate as it is in humans. Best to take your girl to the vet so they can assess it and potentially take a small sample to look at under the microscope.
  9. Joint supplements reccomendations

    We can't regrow ligaments or give Scrappi new joints but we can work on the muscular support of joints to help minimise progression and help manage symptoms. He is a great candidate for rehab to ensure he gets to have fun and feel amazing as he ages.
  10. I offer this type of service to my clients- looking at breeds, structure and temperament and giving advice on puppies/rescues being appropriate for their chosen dog sport. I see so many people ending up with dogs that are just not appropriate for them. By the time I see them after the fact they are already in love and we have to have some pretty extreme conversations about their ability to meet their dogs needs. It absolutely sucks to be the vet in this situation and it would be amazing if the profession could be seen proactively to guide people to make appropriate decisions for the owner and the animal in question.
  11. Orthopedic Hock Brace Brisbane

    This is a really tough situation for you. Any brace that you get made will require to be custom made. The off the shelf varieties are not going to be appropriate. Due to the age of your dog a very high degree of stability will be required for the bone to heal and depending on the situation a brace may actually make your dog more painful. Your vet should be able to chat to a surgeon about using a splint or brace to allow the bone to heal. There are also rehabilitation veterinarians who would also be happy to advise your vet. Please don't try and DIY your dogs care because it can quickly become significantly worse.
  12. Coming into season before desexing.

    My Finnish Lapphund girls are impeccably clean little creatures from their first season. I notice my youngest girl's discharge for the first few hours of her starting but after that she cleans herself. Most of them came into season around 7mths of age although I have known of some that don't come in until 18mths. Your breeder should be able to give you more support and let you know if your little girl has clean relatives or dirty grots :P Also photos are required!! (One of my Kelpies was messy and I did get her some panties for the first week of her season.)
  13. I would suggest looking into Physical rehabilitation to assess what can be done with targeted exercise. This may require Anti-inflammatories to be used to allow him to regain normal function, allowing the anti-inflammatories to be discontinued. Glucosamine Chondroiton MSM +/- Pentosan injections are all low risk medications to trial now. I suggest a full work up with blood tests and a physical exam as sometimes these issues can actually be masking something else that can be treated in a more focused manner.
  14. Hermangiosarcoma? Need advice

    I hope Zena is hogging the lounge or bed right now! I wanted to add that I have put some dogs on anti-anxiety meds when their buddy has passed away. It isn't often but when they are clearly mourning and sad then I think that it is the kindest option since we can't explain it all too them. It has only been transient meds and they have all been weaned off them. Just know that the option is there if she is finding it difficult. Take care of yourself too. There are grief councillors who can also give you support now or in the future when there is a diagnosis like this in a pet. I am glad you are in DOL and have this supportive network.
  15. Surgery, rest, or physio??

    Is it in the shoulder or in one of the tendons? If it is calcified tendon then I manage medically with regenerative medicine. If it is in the joint then arthroscope for removal.