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  1. well yes, they don't say who it's safer for do they I guess it's a hard thing to design something comfortable, durable and safe that accomidates a dog!
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies, I'm going to borrow a small pet carrier (my one is too big as it's going to be Boo's "den" so it needed to be bought bigger to accomidate him as he grows) line it with newspaper and put an old cot matress protector under it (absorbant and water proof! ). That should be able to fit at my feet in the front passenger seat and I'll make sure to have a few stops on the way and take lot's of garbage bags and extra newspaper and a peg for my nose might not go amiss too by the sounds of things Thankfully it's only a 45 minute journey! I found this little snippet in an article of a recent doggy magazine today "The RSPCA believes that the safest practical way for a dog to travel in the average family car is in the rear of a station wagon that is seperated by a parcel cage or in a crate" but I don't know if they've looked at/considered harnesses and some of the other newer options or not when making that decision...
  3. Can anyone tell me what the best way to keep a puppy safe in the car is? I know some people have been told to hold their pups but what if you have an accident? Is it better to be holding them than have them jolt into the side of a crate/pet carrier? Are harnesses a better alternative or dangerous in their own way? Are some measures better for adult dogs but not puppies? I don't actually drive and car trips will be few and far between once he's home but I'd like to make sure that when he does go in a car he's as safe as he can be!
  4. after reading this I just had to go to big W yesterday, I have to say they had some good stuff and the prices weren't bad, I saw a couple of things that are also sold in Kmart but they were less $ at Big W :D I was very restrained and only bought 2 things, we don't even HAVE our puppy yet but I can't seem to stop buying toys and accesories!!! :D
  5. awwww how lovely! I am having such a hard time waiting to meet the litter and hopefully pick my pup. One of my main reasons for getting a dog is companionship, I really liked what you said about Fraser making you both happy Dogs are the most wonderful creatures aren't they?
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