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  1. I would just like to point out that rescue dogs are more than just dogs dumped by irresponsible owners, puppy farm dogs and backyard breeder dogs. NO breeder can be certain one of their dogs will not end up in rescue, you just can't be unless you keep them all. I've seen dogs from breeders who screen thouroughly and have contracts end up in rescue or on dog selling sites, in more than a handful of cases in the past year I and others have been able to get these dogs back to their shocked breeders or the relevant breed rescue, or at the very least let breeders know their dogs are now looked after. Sometimes those dogs are entire, sometimes not - but they still found themselves needing rescue. Your owners might be great and have all intentions of sticking by the contract they sign, but things can happen that put them out of the picture and a relative who has no idea there is a contract may find themselves unable to care for the dog/dogs and set about rehoming them or surrendering them. A dog might get out and the owners never find them again, could be the dog went further than they are looking, could be they relied on a call back from the pound who never made the connection because they had the details listed incorrect, could be someone just decided to keep it. Depending on the area the dog lives, it could be sold from a pound entire and end up in a puppy farm or backyard breeding. Puppies get stolen and sold on or kept, these dogs can end up in puppy farms or backyard breeding. And of course, breeders can get conned by buyers. Any breeder who thinks they can be 100% certain a dog of theirs wont end up in rescue is naive in the extreme. The more links a breeder can establish with people who rescue, be it all breeds or breed specific, the better. Make sure people know if a dog of your breeding turns up you are there, but do NOT think it wont ever happen to your dogs because it can and it does. Unless you are in contact with every person who ever brought a puppy it may have already happened, but the dog/dogs were rehomed from somewhere that was not interested in contacting the breeder or was not aware the breeder would want to know. Maybe they were put to sleep. Do I think every breeder should take in fosters? No, not everyone will have the set up and space for this, but the very least you can do is form lines of communication with the people who are going to be the ones to find any dogs of yours that slip through the cracks. If you are unable to contribute more than that, you should not feel forced to do so, but if you are able to contribute more than that then it's worth doing. maybe one year you help another breeder get their dog back, but maybe the next year it's you who will benefit from being part of the rescue network.
  2. well things got somewhat off topic there but while I've got the chance to ask - those that have looked into it, what did you find in reguards to the safety and potential pros/cons of early de-sexing alternatives (tube tying was one, can't remember what the boys get, I'm presuming something like a vasectomy ). I remember this being talked about a while ago but had not heard any feedback on the subject since then. Anyhow! Did the foster course today, covered all relevent subjects and we were given extensive training notes, information and a volunteer handbook. Yes potential foster homes are made well aware of issues ahead of time (and can say yes or no to fostering the individual) and the follow on support and back up support sounds excellent. Got to see some of the Wondai dogs too :D
  3. Jed ;) There was new footage on the news today of some of the dogs being cleaned up and treated http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland...90915-fp5o.html Pregnant dogs crowd RSPCA shelterMARISSA CALLIGEROS September 15, 2009 . Puppies born to dogs seized from a central Queensland property last week may soon be given homes if the State Government successfully gains ownership of the newborns. Of the 244 malnourished and diseased dogs seized from a South Burnett property during an animal welfare raid last week, more than 20 are pregnant. The expectant dogs have been housed at the RSPCA's Fairfield shelter, which is already overcrowded due to an influx of runaways, strays and surrendered dogs. ------------------------------- RSPCA shelter fills to capacity with seized dogs ------------------------------- Labradors, cocker spaniels, beagles, golden retrievers, fox terriers and Jack Russells were among the breeds seized from the Wondai property. Biosecurity Queensland will apply for "forced forfeiture" of the puppies born at the RSPCA shelter in a bid to have them swiftly re-homed, a department spokeswoman said. RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said one litter was born at the shelter on Thursday, while another female unexpectedly gave birth over the weekend. "We have another dog here that could give birth within a matter of hours," Mr Beatty said. "It's a nightmare. We think up to 100 females could be pregnant." Biosecurity Queensland will apply for ownership of the newborn puppies via the courts, although the application process may be prolonged. ETA - I Removed a section here "In the short term we would obviously be looking for foster carers. Inspectors seize a number of animals sadly on a yearly basis and without our foster carers we probably wouldn't be able to cope," Mr Beatty said. He said people willing to care for a desperate dog or two needed to complete a three-hour training session at the RSPCA shelter and a property check to become a volunteer animal foster carer. "We're hoping that in this particular case more foster carers do come through. We are just coping. The dogs are now happy at least."
  4. Jed - a fair point I had not considered, though that does raise some questions for me! One factor people cite as an issue with forming how the RSPCA operates is a lack of members with a broader perspective to vote. Since with the canine control councils membership is necessary for a broad range of stakeholders, how does this then translate into voting power/members being able to influence policy etc.? If you could give me a bit more info on this or point me in the direction of where to find it I'd much appreciate it Cavalier - at this stage they are not able to seek permanent homes, when they will is dependant on the outcome of legal proceedings and how long those end up taking. So yes, just foster carers at this stage, I'll put the word out when I know more but you could certainly give them a call and see if they are recording names of people interested in adopting specific breeds. You could also get in touch with the breed rescue
  5. ...that would be the CCCQ minus a C, duly edited I do have to be honest and say that in the scheme of things I would advocate many other animal welfare organisations ahead of the RSPCA, but in terms of this time, this seizure and these dogs I'm choosing to give some items and some time fostering.
  6. There is good and bad everywhere, in every organisation. My little donation of goods and time to the RSPCA might have a minute increase on their ability to pursue things I am not in agreement with, but my CCCQ membership would also fund an organisation which currently lends credability to and provides services for some people who pursue activities I am not in agreement with either. I've been seeing paralels between this thread and the documentary thread, maybe I'm the only one who has but it's given me a bit of a rethink so yeah, I'll be making a donation of goods and I'll be fostering some of the poor unfortunates.
  7. wow! they certainly have a beautiful piece of the world and lovely pup too
  8. The case is actually BioSecurity's, as I understand it and as I've been told by a staff member, the RSPCA are merely helping out with care of the animals, which does not take jurisdiction away from BioSec.
  9. just wanted to point out this bit of the article I just linked to on the previous page: "Dr Symons said Biosecurity Queensland was paying for the upkeep of the animals until any court proceedings were finalised."
  10. Another news report with some varied info: http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/local/6023037...om-qld-breeder/
  11. as some know I'm a member of Cavalier Rescue QLD (Inc.), please pass on the following information wherever appropriate. "As many of you will be aware from this weeks' news there has been another large seizure of dogs by the DPI from a puppy mill in the Wondai area north of Kingaroy. The RSPCA Fairfield now become the custodians for these animals until legal procedures have been complied with. The original number of dogs reported was 150 adults and 60 puppies. By this morning the number had increased to close to 250 as the bitches were dropping puppies as they were being admitted to the RSPCA shelter with more to come. The RSPCA shelter manager stated this morning that there was a mix of larger dogs as well as smaller varieties and many cross breeds. So far there has been four Cavaliers come in however may be more. Most of the long-coated dogs require clipping off completely whilst the remainder require washing and a lot of patience and TLC as they are not well socialised. Some of the smaller dogs are blind. With permission from the shelter manager I have been asked to send out a general request for donations in the following areas:- Puppy food - quality dry kibble or wet sachets Puppy shampoo Puppy eye and ear cleaner Toys and soft snugly items Small collars and leads We(added by Kissindra - We being Cavalier rescue QLD Inc.) have set up two drop off points on the Gold Coast:- Lois Shepherdson, 57 Jabaru Ave, Burleigh Waters and Broadwater Vet Surgery, 413 Pine Ridge Road, Robert and Kathy Lepelaar's surgery. Kathy's number 07 5537 5826. Should anyone be interested in becoming a foster carer for the Cavaliers(added by Kissindra - this goes for other breeds too) the carers will need to complete the RSPCA Volunteers' Course. This runs for approximately four hours commencing in the morning. The Volunteer Coordinator is Roz Valentine and may be contacted on [email protected] . I believe another course is to be run this week and possibly the following week as well - ie volunteers desperately needed at this time. Thank you in the hope that you can help out at this desperate time." ETA - vollunteers are also needed to conduct property checks on prospective foster carers homes - reliable car and access to internet required, see the RSPCA QLD website for details.
  12. lordy I'm getting tired of seeing my breed on the list of siezed dogs, I weep for the poodle people. er, just in case that needs to be clarified, I meant poodle people in general many of whom are upset by the number of their breed involved in these cases, not a specific poodle person.
  13. I've met quite a few oldies, including two 14 year olds who were every bit as spritely and full of bounce, life and fun as my two year old
  14. oh RL I am so so sorry for your loss Run free Bella
  15. sounds the same, red metal case. I'm thinking ahead for my future Great Dane pup, I wasn't going to bother with a dryer but have found one really cheap just 6 months old and recalled people saying they can be useful when they are dropping coat to get the excess hair out and minimise the "moth eaten rug" look
  16. is anyone able to tell me a bit about this brand of dryer? Sallyair 2 pro-series blower-dryer, manufactured by essentials All I can find out is it's made in Australia and is 2 speed.
  17. you could put together a little book of tricks to teach that do not involve a lot of movement. * leave it * touch * shake hands * balance treat on nose * kisses * speak one sugestion I was told was to have the TV or radio on - so you could make him a mix tape/cd and buy one of those movies they make for dogs like this: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/TELEVISION-FOR-DOGS...p3286.m20.l1116 or just buy a movie like Hotel For Dogs
  18. sorry to hear you face loosing such a dear old friend, will be thinking of you
  19. have a great time all going, wish I could be there to see it
  20. Question! With reguard to greys being suceptable to teeth problems - is this a genetic thing or more to do with a racing diet causing issues?
  21. Kissindra


    pics pics pics please! Are these guys big barkers?
  22. Awww, when I was in this morning I heard a little dog barking and I asked the vet if that was Boo the Cav and she said "What? Boo, no way, he's the most perfect dog you can imagine!" And then she raved about Boo and how good he was and how cavs were all kinds of awesome Daisy only had a little bit of stuff that needed to be expressed, not much at all but enough to create that awful stench The vet said her poos were firm and she's on a great diet so there's no reason as to why she should be having anal gland problems. So fingers crossed this is just a once off and won't be a regular occurrence The vet did offer to teach me how to do it myself if it ever happens again so let's hope that it doesn't awwwww that is lovely, thankyou for asking after him, I'm glad he's being such a good boy, I think he's perfection in canine form, but I'll admit to a certain amount of bias Good to hear Daisy is fine, hopefully she remains non-stinky and you never have to learn to express them ;) from everything I've read it is gross (smell wise) and I would probably wimp out and pay someone else to deal with it
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