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  1. Fifi you are forgetting that many of us have converted non-dog loving partners with ease, they do rather sell themselves
  2. I am at times bemused by peoples reaction to pet ownership in and of itself. I have friends who think owning 2 cats, a dog and plans to get another dog makes me a crazy hoarder I've had people say "gosh you have animals everywhere!" at the sight of two pets on a couch
  3. n'awwwww they are so cute! Nice work Crumble Fingers crossed for the little girl
  4. went in yesterday, one mini foxy pup and one chi x foxy(who looked rather tiny but then I'd imagine you'd expect that of a chi x), there was a window pen that was empty so not sure if pups had been removed or not.
  5. will hopefully be able to swing by tomorrow while there may not be legistlation I do recall comething about a volluntary code of conduct written by the ava on selling companion animals in pet stores? Could be worth finding out if this store has signed up to that and if they are in breach - I would think calling/talking to centre management is the best bet.
  6. gross, hate the evil little wigglers, we had them yesterday and there was nothing manky lying about at all, seems the eggs were layed in/on one of the dog blankets
  7. triple post gremlins, the universe wants you to have LOTS of luck...or perhaps I should have less wine...
  8. GREAT news cos! All fingers and paws crossed here
  9. such a cute breed, a friend of mine has a couple and aparently if you like being mobbed by japanese tourists or students they are the breed to get Not a breed for me but I admire them from afar.
  10. is that it? I saw a "silver merle" dane add on the puppy listings, picture is fairly small but I can't see how it's silver
  11. poor Grover, fingers and paws crossed here that he makes it Not your fault Tris.
  12. could you mention what time zone you are using? It looks like the last auction is finished but the time here is 8:40pm
  13. Run free Bruce sorry you've had to say goodbye to a wonderful old friend TS, may he have a safe trip home and may all the wonderful memories, in time, help ease the sadness of his passing.
  14. oh my, they are breathtakingly adorable, huge congrats on the lovely bubbas - nothing in the world like velvet soft baby beagle ears :D
  15. I have a small-fluffy-cutesy-dog and my chinese delivery lady is terrified of him. We just make sure he's out of site when she comes so she doesn't have to feel scared. It doesn't offend me, a phobia is a phobia.
  16. I didn't know RC had a vego diet, how interesting! I see it says :Canine VEGETARIAN FORMULA™ dry and can diets are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for adult maintenance. Someone needs to update the veganpets website then as this is what they say: "Currently there is no other Vegan pet food on the market that is nutritionally complete in any where in the world. (U.S.A. has a pre mix for sale that is used to make your own food.) There are a few companies in America claiming to have vegetarian food available but could not be considered to be nutritionally complete because it is not manufactured by extrusion. None have undergone feeding trials. None meets the standards determined by AFFCO...." still waiting to get the info on the veganpets kibble food trials and research.
  17. Think I'd better leave now - oh and just for shits n giggles the veg food site has an interesting list of links - http://veganpet.com.au/articles/?page_id=23 Will report back if Dr. Costa is helpful and emails me his findings in full
  18. hang on a tick....cavaliers, vet, odd statements, talking about breeding.... KYLA! You've come back to us!
  19. chuck&steve - I'm trying very hard to look at the available data and seek information from those who say they've done the reseach, I've stipulated I am asking because I am genuinely interested, but my questions seem to be being ignored
  20. I agree. Also interested to hear he successfully raised a large breed dog on the diet. Thanks for the info. There are just as many synthetic additives in meat based dog kibble. So Im not sure this argument has much merit. Some people believe unless you are feeding a BARF or Prey Model diet you are being cruel to your dog. Its a very narrow minded viewpoint. There are many different ways of raising dogs. Just because someone does something diferent doesnt mean it is cruel. I haven't said i thought it cruel, but I am struggling to find out how feeding the kibble you do can be done in a well researched way when they don't even give full details of the methadology used in trials, nor have they published complete findings, and one section of the website says findings are not complete yet. I'm prepaired to believe you can do complete research on vego diets but I'm still waiting for someone to help me find the information needed to make a decent research effort. ETA - knowing both contain synthetic additives is not the same as knowing WHAT additives are in what and how well those individual additives are absorbed or are aided by additional additives.
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