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  1. do you use an anti static type brush?
  2. ;) your poor mum! All going to plan he'll come home today(Wednesday) some time this arvo, but it is not set in stone, I'm waiting for an update to see if they think he's ready to come home today. House feels damn empty without him here!
  3. hopefully it's nothing serious, just a once off. If you are going to Anvet say hi to Boo for me
  4. woolworths has turkey necks if that helps - coles usually has assorted offal but not sure which species it's from. Have a chat to your local butcher - many of them are quite accomidating.
  5. Love this vids - what a team you are, keep up the great work
  6. Within any breed you will find varience on what dogs do best on. The best bet is to be guided by your breeder and if you decide to try a different feeding regime - only transition to the new diet slowly. Royal Canin released a Cavalier specific kibble this year, and it is designed to suit the jaw structure of a cavalier and also reinforce cardiac function due to appropriate content in terms of magnesium, sodium, potassium, arginine, EPA & DHA, taurine, L-Carnitine and antioxidants (vitamins E & C, green tea and grape polyphenols) What to feed dogs will always be hotly debated, essentially what you want is a food which will maintain coat condition, produce a firm stool, does not produce any allergic reaction, minimises dental decay, maintains a healthy weight and promotes good general health of the breed. There are many ways of achieving this.
  7. are they still widely used for working?
  8. Kissindra


    my impression is this is not a breed suited to high density suburbia, would you say this is true or is it possible with management?
  9. are the breed typically fence jumpers or is this a problem created by boredom?
  10. questions! With regard to area kennel clubs (for example in my area - Caboolture, Beudesert, Brisbane valley, Redcliffe/Peninsular) can I only join if I reside within the area the club covers? Do kennel clubs hold shows that are purely for members as well as shows that are open to all? Do all area kennel clubs have facilities of thier own (either owned outright or used with council permission) where they hold shows? What are the general benefits to joining an area kennel club and do these differ from club to club? What are the general benefits to joining more broad kennel clubs like Ladies Kennel Association of QLD, and kennel Association of QLD? Would I be right in thinking you do not have to join a kennel club to show, you just need to be a member of the state controlling body? (in my case Canine Control Council QlD)
  11. 1. What is my relationship with the breed? (ie breeder, first time owner etc) first time owner, member of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Group QLD Inc. 5. What is the general temperament/personality? My vet refers to Cavaliers as "Love Sponges" and they truly are a beautiful, friendly and affectionate breed. They are very accomidating to a variety of lifestyles and activity levels,(and for this reason do not come up in rescue as often as you would expect given their numbers) are quite at home in a small yard or townhouse provided sufficient exercise is provided. I find Boo has bonded more closely to me but this does not come at the expense of not bonding to other family members...or complete strangers Their friendly personality and all round adorable-ness does make them a target for theft so it is unwise to leave them unsupervised in a yard that is easily accesible. The upside of this loving nature is that they do tend to rehome well so those looking for a rescue or older dog will generally find bonding easy baring rare cases where extreme neglect or abuse has created an issue which will take time to overcome. They are not known to be escape artists comparable to a Basenji or Beagle but will take advantage of an opportunity like an open gate and there are instances of dogs digging out to get at chooks or if left bored in the backyard for long periods. Care should be taken to obey leash laws and keep them secure on the property as cavs are known to be lacking in road sense. They are not a breed that typically does well left in the backyard, they need to be allowed inside with the family and typically will follow you around the house, happy to be where you are and eager to curl up next to you/on you/at your feet. That said, you should get your puppy used to happily spending periods of time without you to prevent seperation anxiety. 6. How much daily exercise is needed for the average adult? a 1 1/2 to 2 km walk is met with great enthusiasm, a trip to the off-leash park or beach or decent amount of play time and some training can be substituted. I find Boo is very forgiving if the weather etc. prevents him from getting out and about for a couple of days or if for some reason he only gets out every second day but he really does love getting out and about and needs regular exercise to keep in shape mentally and physically. Cavs can and do do well in agility and obedience etc. Boo absolutely LOVED lure coursing too! Quite a few cavaliers are used as therapy dogs and their happy "love everyone" nature makes them very suitable for this purpose. They are also bloody good at sleeping on the comfiest spot available 7. Is it a breed that a first time dog owner could easily cope with? yes, very highly recomended as a first time breed. Most are fairly food motivated (you do need to take care to avoid them putting weight on so training treats should be worked into their daily food intake) and easily trained as they are willing to please and enjoy the time spent together. They make fantastic family dogs and excell at being companions. 8. Can solo dogs of this breed easily occupy themselves for long periods? A rare few do but realisticly they are a companion breed who thrive on being with their humans and it is prefered they go to homes where someone is at home the majority of the time or where they have a canine companion. Potential owners should consider possible lifestyle changes in their future. If you are going to be away from home for a good portion of each day during the week consider having two dogs or waiting for an older rescue who is known to cope with being by him/herself or a different breed. 9. How much grooming is required? it varies dependant on individual coat, with Boo I find a daily brush a must as he has quite a hairy chest (:p) and leaves and burrs that get caught up in it would quickly form matts but other owners find once or twice a week to be sufficient. Attention needs to be paid to the feathering to remove dead hair that would otherwise form matts. Some pet owners opt to get a pet clip either all year round of just in summer months which reduced the grooming needs somewhat but this damages the coat and I prefer their natural look and do not find even our higher than average for the breed grooming to be at all a hardship - it takes all of five to ten minutes and is great bonding time before bed plus provides an opportunity to check for ticks which is necessary in SE QLD. I use a standard brush all over with a comb or slicker brush to tease out any knots and remove dead hair. Using a Mars coat king or furminator once a month is a good idea also. 10. Is it too boisterous for very small children or for infirm people (unless the dog is well trained)? no, although children may cop a few kisses to the face. Like any breed, supervision is needed around small children and children need to be advised of appropriate handling. Barking - so do, some do not. They are generally less likely to warning bark than other small breeds. Some bark when excited, Boo rarely barks - almost never, though he is at times a vocal player and will growl and huff when playing with his toys. Shedding - they do shed continuously but it is not hair that sticks into furniture etc. and is easily removed. Boo isn't a patch on my two cats for shedding and covering people/things with fur :p
  12. what fence height would you suggest for potential owners?
  13. I was taught it's best to not play tug until your pup has learned a command like "leave it" (people use different phrases or hand signals but the desired point is a dog which will relenquish an item once the command is given). When I play tug with Boo I'll wave the toy where he can reach it and say "get it" and then "leave it" to get him to release it. I tend to alternate between play tug and fetching so I'll get him to release the toy, make him "sit" and then throw it for him to fetch saying "go get it" then he brings it back and I tell him to "leave it" and we either play tug again or fetch again until one of us gets bored and wanders off
  14. When deciding whether or not to get a dog, always keep in mind possible lifestyle changes in the future and what impact they might have. You can't forsee everything but a little bit of forethought could really impact breed choice.
  15. I think you can get them for like $15 on ebay, reviews seem mixed as to whether they are any good or not. Chances are if you post in the member marketplace someone will have one to sell you
  16. oh bugger, nevermind - I just went to check facts and am back to being confused check out this link though http://www.dogsnsw.org.au/how-to-exhibit-your-dog
  17. leave yourself extra time to get there, doesn't take much for the traffic to SUCK They start off with the puppy runs (non competative, really short course, older dogs can do it just to see how they like it if they've not been before) then the half runs, then the full runs - break for lunch (awesome BBQ but get in quick They sell drinks too) then the half runs again followed by full runs unless the day is too hot. They hand out the certificates at the end if there is time Oh and avoid the benches under the trees, I had the most amazing reaction last time from brushing up against something while I was sitting there - my back was covered in stinging, red, itchy welts for a couple of days! ETA - we wont be there this time, but hopefully next month
  18. Hi all, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue QLD. Inc. are seeking a special foster carer for a rescue CKCS who has some behavioural problems that require modification. He is a dominant dog who has not recieved any training or boundaries and has been living in a situation where there was some teasing from the neighbours children. He is currently located in Towoombah in temp. care and can be transpoted to brisbane or gold coast if needed, but Bris and towoombah are the prefereed areas. Please reply or PM if you know of a suitable person to take him on.
  19. So good to hear Baci is progressing, I might see you at Lure coursing, I've just started with Boo
  20. Hello all, I've been asked to get some reccomendations for a friend of mine having issues with her boof when he's on lead. If anyone has contact info to share or has had possitive experiences with overcoming fear agression please share EFS
  21. another beautiful star shone in the heavens the day Lucy crossed the bridge. I wish I could take the hurt away Carla, but I will keep her memory in my heart whenever I look at the stars. Run free, beautiful, sweet girl.
  22. so sorry for your loss, thankyou for sharing the poem - though few of us have been where you are you have our deepest sympathy. run free Mahli, you will be reunited one day, and what a joyous reunion it will be.
  23. yup, another fun day was mentioned at the meet on Sunday. Boo had his first half-run, he loved it!
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