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  1. Why not adopt a Malinois? small breeds make excellent guard dogs, everything wakes them up.
  2. Been awhile since I Posted a litter due, hopefully we will have a litter of Lowchen due early April (ETA 7/4/2015)
  3. What's XP3020? It's interesting to read that people's dogs have reactions to BH, but I suppose you get some who will have reactions. Royal Canin is an oilily dry food, but dry flakey skin be caused by numerous things.
  4. I would advise against an Irish and Soft coat they are both a full on breed and wouldn't be suited for an elderly person. All the breeds mentioned are grooming required and should be done every 6-8wks. Just remember being Terrier's ie vermin controlling breeds Westies and Mini Schnauzers have strong big teeth and can leave a nasty bite when not trained right (but that's like any. Breed). I would probably go with a westie lol
  5. Not puppies but I had a vet tell me my afghan was underweight and this was my chunky fatty just because they could see her hipbones. Take in my underweight issue one and get told she's fat?!?
  6. I can really only vouch for the Standards. Having owned and lived with 2, they can be the most loyal and faithful dogs, they can if bought up correctly to live with any other dog, children, and other pets. BUT... Choose your breeder carefully and make sure you take home the right pup (but this can be for both breeds). Grooming, you have more variety and choices with a poodle and the best thing about them, they are minimal shedder (I never use - they dont shed, as they do). Collies drop coat and can become very clumped and expensive if needed to be groomed out. Both breeds have their up and down in Temperament and this is something to discuss with the breeder. Ultimately the choice is yours, but I would lean more to a Standard ;)
  7. Im ok to selling to someone who is an apartment liver, as long as the dog is looked after and allowed to live there :)
  8. There is a Class just for Poodles, all 3 sizes. People either have their own dogs or borrow/hire dogs from Clients or other people. Any breed can be entered in a Grooming competition, even a Smooth Fox Terrier (which has won an American grooming comp) Any breed can be used in creative. Creative is just not dying, but also incorporates carving - using clippers to carve designs.
  9. Most of these dogs are groomed weekly, their hair maybe parted and coloured, but are dried and washed within an hour. Its no different to colouring human hair which Im sure most here have done or will do, when those elusive greys appear. Most of these dogs enjoy the whole process, I work with a dog that is groomed in Creative. Im not a fan of creative, dying etc, but am in awe of some of the creativeness some people can create with dye, ink, and scissors. Most people who slam creative groom, cannot do anything creative and cannot see outside of the box in grooming.
  10. Adults camping fees $7.50/night children I think $4.50/night Claim a patch and have fun. They weren't rejects, I just didn't need them :D
  11. I start my babies from around 3-4wks, but normally say 6-8wks depending on the coat
  12. Keep an Eye on their Blood Sugar Lvls, can be tested with minimal blood.
  13. Our Paper work Arrived yesterday :D So we have: Steal My Sunshine - Zayde All That N Sunshine - Squeak Blazing Sunshine - Fattie Twisted Sunshine - Bubbles We were going with a fire theme but everything I put up wasnt accepting, so we had to go with Smisch's theme o.O They are all walking around, squeaking, barking and grumbling, and had their first mini meal yesterday.
  14. Going with a Fire and Ice theme; boys Fire, Girls Ice... Ideas
  15. Make sure you have a sharp pair of scissors, cause at 145am you don't wan to be searching while the pup is half way out lol
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