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  1. My 4 year old beagle has always slept in a crate indoors, ever since she was a puppy. I usually lead her into her crate just before I go to bed, and she settles down for the night. In the past week she's been barking a lot as soon as I put her in there, or falling asleep for a short time and then waking up and barking a lot. It's never been like this before, and now she's barked every single night for the past week and it's driving me insane!! It's a loud agitated bark, like she wants to get out, and it doesn't stop no matter how much I yell at her, or try to ignore her. In the end I've been letting her out, and she's been sleeping on the floor of the lounge room on another mat - I don't mind her doing that, but I don't understand why all of a sudden sleeping in her crate has become an issue! I've checked out the room thoroughly, I've moved the crate around and flicked out the bedding to make sure there wasn't anything hiding, can't find a thing! Over the weekend I made sure she got plenty of exercise at the dog park to try to tire her out, yet she still wouldn't settle in her crate. Any ideas or suggestions? I suppose it's okay to let her sleep in the lounge room but I'm still puzzled as to why the crate is suddenly such a scary place!
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions! Think I'll have to get creative and see what I can set up
  3. I recently purchased a new car, but have now realised the rear seat has headrests which are built into the back seat - ie. they don't sit above the level of the seat so I can't clip my old cover over it. I used to have a basic hammock style one which clipped around the front and rear headrests, but there's no way of attaching it. I've had a quick look online but can't seem to find anything made for cars without headrests. I can use a regular car seat cover, but then it doesn't protect the back of the front seats. Suggestions anyone?
  4. Too funny. My dog doesn't eat cucumber, I've tried! She does steal strawberries out of the garden though
  5. I also feed them frozen to slow my dog down! But still it only takes a few minutes
  6. Chloe loves dried roos tails. She strips them of the meat and then takes the vertebrae apart and eats the intervertebral discs. Usually ends up with bits of bones all over the place! I bought a heap of them from a DOLer once, if only I could remember who it was!
  7. They're fine to feed, but probably just a little fatty to feed regularly.
  8. I usually get the butcher to cut them into smaller pieces because although you can do it yourself at home it can be a little difficult to get through with a knife. I wouldn't feed an entire lamb flap. Perhaps one third? Not sure how big the one you have is!
  9. Yes it's just your puppy showing that they're being submissive. Some puppies also pee a little when they first meet other dogs. Both behaviours will lessen once your puppy becomes more confident around other dogs.
  10. I've read that book and remember that theory too. I wouldn't trim whiskers, they're not that obvious anyway
  11. Fresh fish is fine if your dog likes them! I tried several times. I bought fresh sardines and fresh mackeral - too many of each really! Chloe just didn't know what to do with them - she carried them around, buried them, left them in the sun, chewed on them - everything except actually eat them!! End result: stinky rotting fish scattered around the yard!! Ergh She will gobble up canned sardines though!
  12. Awww beagle pup photos! I think you're better off putting your puppy outdoors during the day. You'll find that he'll be extremely bored indoors especially if he's enclosed in such a small play pen. Beagles can be very destructive, especially as puppies when they're bored - he'll rip up all his toys and bedding that's in his pen, and wouldn't be surprised if he tried to eat the actually pen too to escape. You might also find that he'll start to bark and howl which can be pretty distressing for him and might upset the neighbours too.
  13. You could try non medicated eye drops - the kind that are just for lubricating, eg. Refresh for dry eyes. I've used these in the past to wash out Chloe's gunky eyes
  14. Just put his car harness on first and then walk him to the car with the lead That way he'll associate with harness with getting in the car & good things!
  15. I've only found turkey necks at Woolies too. They come in a white bag, in the dog food/offal section.
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