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  1. Me toooooooooo it's been over a year since I came!
  2. List of Dogs Snout Girl- Bert, Sally, Bruce and Poppy Sankari - Satu, Tahvo, Jaska and Dukino, Krumm and Koda Steph m- gus and rosie Terri s- didi Mookie - Oliver Mina - Hunter and Aura Kine - Wally (kelpie) Huey - Ollie (lappie) List of Food Snout Girl- something vegetarian for bbq, meat balls, pasta salad Sankari - Bread & Rolls Steph m- tba Terri s- tba Mookie - Brownies! Mina - Soft drinks and burger patties
  3. List of Dogs Snout Girl- Bert, Sally, Bruce and Poppy Sankari - Satu, Tahvo, Jaska and Dukino, Krumm and Koda List of Food Snout Girl- something vegetarian for bbq, meat balls, pasta salad Sankari - TBA
  4. I knew when it was time. My girl had suffered from Lupus for many months. The cortisone caused her organs to start shutting down, i knew she did not have long left, she was given 6 months to live, she lived 13 months before things went downhill. Then there was the night before I had scheduled her euthanasia, she could not get up and there she was laying down on her bed with pleading eyes, she was ready to go with dignity. It was the right time, i'll never forget the look in her eyes as her vet gave her the euthanasia, the look as if she was saying thank you.
  5. Our puppies came 1 day early so i actually belong in here instead of february :) Anyway we have had our first litter of Finnish Lapphunds born - 3 girls 3 boys.
  6. Our puppies came one day early so we are january instead of February now
  7. My Satu had her pre-whelp check and X-ray this morning. We are expecting very soon to be welcoming approximately 7 puppies possibly an extra hiding away
  8. I had my Finnish Lapphund done last year at monash and sent them to Rawlinson in SA and came back as 1:1 so pretty happy with that result all up was $410.
  9. I have a litter of Finnish Lapphunds due 1st February (first litter for both myself and my girl), so not sure whether to post in this or in January! We shall see i guess :)
  10. hope you all have a great day!! we will be back one day soon hopefully!
  11. Sorry guys I wont be there on account of that Satu has been confirmed pregnant so we are on maternity and puppy duties for a while, but we will get back to kepala after that hopefully. Glad to hear Dakota is crazy and happy and hope everyone had a great christmas too.
  12. List of dogs Snout Girl- Bert, Sally, Bruce StephM - Rosie and Gus (might ask around and see if anyone else is in) Leah82 - Collie and Sarah pip1981- Dakota nancylady-Oscar List of food Snout Girl- T.B.A StephM - Potato salad and Soft Drinks of some description. Leah82 - Leafy Salad and Sausages pip1981- Chicken wings, soft drink, general bbq supplies. nancylady-choc cake salad sandwiches I can no longer attend so i am taking myself off the list.
  13. List of dogs Snout Girl- Bert, Sally, Bruce Lucycharzie - Satu List of food Snout Girl- T.B.A Lucycharzie - T.B.A
  14. September 22 or September 29 suits me :)
  15. Yes it was a nice enough day
  16. I can do only the final weekend of september and none in October. It's ridiculous they need to sort out the lack of drainage.
  17. Dammit dammit dammit Just as well Catherine messaged me or else I would not have even known.
  18. BYO lunch sounds good. I have a dog to groom in the afternoon so I'll be there til around 1:30 :) Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow :)
  19. Is this still going ahead?? If so we need to work out food etc I'm going to be calling kepala tomorrow to check how the grounds are as to if we can still hold it :)
  20. List of doggies pip1981- Dakota snout girl- bert, sally, bruce and maybe poppy (will confirm closer to time) Lucycharzie - Satu Mina - Hunter Amy (LC's friend) - Memphis & Jet Jess (Lc's friend) - at this stage Gemma, Tonka & Patch Jess (another of Lc's friends) Riley Still have more to add but waiting to hear who they are bringing :)
  21. Terrific, thanks Carissa. Wow Jeremy 2 already!! Thats gone really quick!
  22. Lets go with 18th if available? :)
  23. so at the moment it is between 18th and 25th August. I am happy with either :)
  24. I have voted. My preference is either 18th or 25th :)
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